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The Frigid North has many dangers, the cold, the animals, the mountains and the people. The last one is especially dangerous for all, since they move out of the North and beyond the mountains that usually contain them. What more, people are in danger of being captured by them and brought to Jorvemland, never to be seen again...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A people of cold weathered steel and heart, these fierce people are feared for their warlike ways and are even more, warlike than the Orfordsmen who have grown a similar reputation. Most of the Jorvikans are battle-hardened warriors even in their first real battle that do much to survive and many in Telamirein see them as no more cultured than the back of one's shoes. They have a reputation of being lovers of warfare and battle even among themselves still, warriors who never back down until the end is closer than the tip of a spear and spending weeks, even months out on raids to gather the means to survive the North. Several times they have been a large threat to the countries that are close to the edge of Jorvemland, forming together as a large united people at times only to fall when their Chief-Kings or other leading structure dies.

The Ideals of a True Warriors Culture

To survive in the Frigid North, in Jorvemland, the Jorvikans have taken survival by any means far. They live in the fjords and small plains north of Jorvmenland's mountains and some among the mountains, living off the lands through fishing and whatever cold-hardy corps that can be farmed. This seems not to satisfy all their needs, however, as they also rely on fighting each other and going on raids down south through expeditions on the river or their Snow Paths to fight for resources, tools and Slaves.

Beauty and Clothing

Jorvikans do have some sort of custom between each other. Beards are seen as a status symbol since keeping one means they have the wealth and power to allow others to fight for them and maintain a great beard with the appropriate tools. By extension, practical clothing usually doesn't waste too much on colouring beyond greys, brown, white and paler greens even among the powerful. It might be seen as a waste of time and resources to focus on one's appearance beyond the beard for men. For women on the other hand they are able to carry rings and bracelets that show their wealth and power. Long hair that is well maintained seems also to be a sign of this and of a good standing woman overall. The most valued beauty among Jorvikans is whether or not they can fight and stand up amongst other women, muscles and their fertility symbols, wide hips, larger bust and eyes.

Relationship and Culture

As for relationships, only heterosexual ones has been observed among them and a special page/brotherhood/sisterhood relationship in groups of men and women. These relationships seem to stem from an early age since they are most of the time of similar age. The function of these is unknown. The "page" relationship between a young warrior and an older is not that of a mentor in the sense of a knight and their page from Ravero or any other country. It seems more like companionship and drinking takes the foremost of the relation while learning comes second.
Religiously, they seem to have their own pantheon? No one is sure since most don't speak even Lavi except for the few that practise trade relations that comes to Ravero from the seas. Their carried and carven symbols seem close to that of Rhyn and Orios.

Relations to the Rest of the World

Jorvikans are mostly known as raiders and seen as problematic and ferocious to the point of being called barbaric and uncivilized. When raiding bands goes south they often find themselves targeting the small and underprotected countrysides of northern Ravero and northeastern Nilaminra where they pillage for food, materials and slaves. While it is unknown how many of the slaves successfully survives the way back, slaves have been seen by daring explorers that have found the small villages or roving bands of Jorvikans. Orfordwhelm has experienced these raids too in their northern provinces but more so of other related Jorvemland peoples.
Since Ravero has begun exploring by sea more and more they have contacted Jorvikans in the eastern parts of Jorvemland where they saw the multitude of spoils that accumulated over centuries of raids. Since the Jorvikans have such excellent shipbuilding techniques, it is believed that they have been able to raid even unexplored territory eastwards and as far south as Nekuram, though no one knows for sure since the Demons has not acknowledged any Human raiders.
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General Relations to Other Ethnicities
Leoners — Hostile/Indifferant
We for one don't experience their ferocity like our neighbours far north, but for I who have can tell that they are from a time long ago and still hold on to that as fiercely as Orfordwhelm holds their traditions.

Orfordsmen — Hostile
Jorvikans are great fighters and warriors but have little honour. They target us like cowards and never faces us in the open as a warrior should, their tactics are... pesterings of back and forth.

Renvars — Hostile
Warfare is all that they know... They take women, men and children from brave people who try to live hardworking and peaceful lives. Some can be reasoned with at times but... most are raiders, barbaric raiders who show no remorse in killing our soldiers who defend our lands.

Wanerians — Hostile/Familiarity
They share a cold bond to the Frigid North where they come from, something we Wanderians have acquired over time when we were forced northwards. Perhaps our Goddess Isnaras are connected to them. But they are... so much different. Their temper, their bloodthirst, their little sense for others and their.. passion for looting and taking is frightening for everyone. What they do to survive is what we did so, so many centuries, even millennia ago. Their backwards ways and survival are so foreign for us these days...

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Now, I need some feedback if I may ask for it. Are the Jorvikans too one dimensional? Do they come off as too much like a "tribal society"-trope? Any feedback related to this would be great and thanked!

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This is a very good article, well worded with a good layout.   I can see they are based on the real world Viking Culture, if that is what you were aiming for, then you are spot on. Tribal and Clannish is what they were and what your Jorvikans seem to be. I have a similar ethnicity in my world, The Amorian's, my article is written yet though.   Keep up the good work.   Aemon