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Preferably I would not try to build up against a Leoner.
— Guild Proverb
Few builders can match the greatness of Leonerian construction. They are the ones that build the Valdenwhik with the Dwarfs, the Spire of Rondeird and parts of the great walls that defends Glarn. Many find their home country and region of Leonerd as the epicentre of stoneworks and stone goods. Most of their cultural pride surrounds the elaborate constructions and works of art in stone. That is also why they felt a complete loss of confidence when they were invaded by Orfordwhelm in 1988 V.D, known as the Fall of Leonerd  when the Spire of Rondeird and that capital fell to the foreign invaders, the first time in recorded history it had ever happened.
Today most of the Leoners are subjects of Orfordwhelm and the Orfordsmen leaders that were placed in charge of the former country Leonerd.


Leonerian Names

Many names hail from their region but do have influences from as far away as the Kingdom of Ravero. Male names such as Armrant, Amerin, Cedrique, Charles, Godrick, Henry, Rodrin, and Xervian are common and uncommon in the regions close to the capital. Female names Arnett, Askeran, Elosie, Isoble, Loisa, Ninari and Sibila are of the same variety. All have influences from Lavi just as the many Nilaminran names have.

Customs of Leonerians

Few similarities exist between Orfordsmen's and Leoner's customs. This is why clashes between the two are frequent when the governing powers clamp down on the old and try to enforce the new, which most of the time only become empty words in the ears of Leoners. Leoners have a particular taste for wine and are skilled in the production of it. The ones in their northeastern region are famous in several places over Nimenra but the ale from the Orfordwhelm is putting pressure since the upper class slowly is changing over to the weaker product. What more is the tradition of inheritance where genders have much more impact with the Orfordians than Leonerians. The share of 5/8 to males and 3/8 to females among Leoner is not that different from the close to equal sharing among Orfordsmen, 55/45, Leonerian nobility allow women to inherit titles, something that in among Orfordsmen they can not if there is a male amongst their family.

Cultural Exports

Leoners pride themselves still on the production of good craftsmanship. Stonecutting is their speciality in both art and construction. Many courts around Telamirein try to find a good mason from Leonerd and good stone from the region's quarries when they want a project to be the prestige of one's accomplishments. They also have quite the talent for siege equipment and tactics. The Leonerd's Siege Engineers shows this and are a symbol of the warfare that Leonerd and Loners have done in their years of service to The Council of Four Kings. While winemaking is an export, they compete with Nilaminrans for the supremacy of winemaking.
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Famous Exports
Stonecutters (Masons)
General Relations to Other Ethnicities
Orfordsmen — Hostile/Unliked
What good can you say about wine-drinkers? Well, they make good equipment for war I guess.

Renvars — Good
The Leoners are a good people, loyal, a bit... stubborn like the Orfordsmen, but many have a good heart.

Wanerians — Indifferent
They are not easy to trust in my opinion. They do make good products but their pompous manners are different even for the Renvarens and our own.

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