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The Wanerians are not too different from their brothers and sisters of the Renvarens. They do, however, have coolness and wistfulness unlike the Renvarens. A past that represents the ever-transforming world around us and how small changes amount to the much larger, unknown future of everyone. Wanerians have had their share of difficulties and are now pieces of what their culture once was.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Wanerians are one of the two main ethnic groups that originate in the lands of and lives in the Kingdom of Ravero. Seen as the sibling culture to the Renvar, they have had a major impact on all of Ravero due to their forced migrations all over it. The last country to have Wanerians as its main ethnic and cultural origin was called Northfen.

The Hardened People

The Wanerians are known to be hardy and good hunters. Due to this have many connected to nature and see Rhyn as their God of choice. However, several older Gods of their own heritage, notably Isnaras, still lives on in their memory. This fact combined with the previous also connects them to that they have moved several times, most notably during the largest known migration in Telamirein moved several tens of thousands Wanerians up north from the southern regions of Ravero.
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