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Galeufwir {English}

Temper made a weapon so strong that it would not chip or shatter against metal or stone. It could even burn with a bright orange flame through a secret technique that was inherited down to the Order of the Burning Forge and lost with them. At least, it is said to have been lost...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
It is said in the bardic tale that Marr Temper made a sword out of Bremerin, a metal compared to that of Durulir in strength and durability. He called it by the name Galeufwir or Windflame, for it accordingly could swing through the wind and ignite in a bright flame and cut down enemies without setting them alight. The sword came late into Temper's career as a warrior, yet saw much use since it is named between 40-50 times in the bardic tales, and that's only by its name. The sword was said to have been buried with Temper after his death.


For the Order of the Burning Forge, the sword was the first of its kind. To become one of the members of the order, one had to make a sword out of Bremerin as a final test after learning the technique.
The sword with the anvil was made the order's official emblem according to scholars.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Unique. Marr Temper made Galenufwir his personal weapon and other weapons made by him were either made out of iron, bronze or other more common metals. The weapons that were made out of Bremerin were few, about 40 was made by Temper and afterwards, only the Order of the Burning Forge knew how to use Bremerin.
1,21 meters (or 3 feet 11.6 inches)

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