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Rhyn's presence has become more reclusive in Nimenra over the ages. He has always been that, having the fewest amount of temples and few priests attending them, no more than two to four in fact. Some have debated whether He should be the highest of the Gods due to the fact His presence seems to diminish. While they put forward Umberem as the more suitable option, the significance of Rhyn as the leader of the Gods and one of the strongest and the fact that He is, in a way, the father of The Eight Pantheons. While I as one of Umberem's followers would say that He is a suitable choice, Rhyn is the one who is the most connected to us all whether all realize it or not.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Rhyn, the God of Fertility, Earth, Harmony and Nature in general. He is considered as one of, if not the major God of the eight in the Eight Pantheons. He has despite this one of the smallest followings and few major locations of worship. This is perhaps most fitting for the God of Harmony, who is said to have not intervened on Nimenra since the War of the Gods had ended and Humans and Demons were freed. Yet there are many tales related to Rhyn of His indirect appearance or mediation in history.
Long ago it is said that He used his abilities to tame the wild roots that formed nature and harnessed its powers to protect it and all that lived among it against The Other Gods. Together with His sister, Reliona, they defeated The Others and would become known as the Siblings of Stability.

The God of Nature and Harmony Himself

Rhyn has always been a part of Nimenra and its soul. He has used his control over nature to benefit and aid many without ever intervening himself. Instead, nature does it all for him without his active hand. Recognized as the leader, or the head of, The Eight Pantheons Rhyn solves many conflicts among the Gods through mediation or with His sister Reliona's intervention. While His actions usually solve the problems and difficulties of being the chief person of trust and conflict-solving, it is said He also has faulted at times, during and after the War of the Gods. He claims no absolute authority in any matter, much like those dedicated to His ways, and seeks resolutions that aid many or all.
Rhyn has been difficult to understand. His action through inaction remains a mystery to humans and demons. He is like life itself in some way.

His goals

Rhyn is a very capable albite idle and occupied with matters beyond Nimenra ever since the end of a war He fought hard in. He rather let humans and all the other beings and creatures do as they please on Nimenra as long as it does not challenge the Gods themselves it's said. While doubtful to the His fellow Gods activities that affect Nimenra, like the meddling of Orios and his sister with humans, Rhyn at least try to keep Them and Their actions confined or limited. Discussion is key for Him in solving disputes and He uses it a lot it's said with the others during their grand meetings that various artists creat grand imagery and tales of.
The God of:
Church / Cult:
The Eight Pantheons
Worshippers of Rhyn
The Lamb
The Falcon and Gryphon
The Broom of Rhyn
The Willowtree
Rhyn has always had a wide variety of descriptions tied to him. He varies from young to old, from short to long hair and from strong to thin. Thus it's said that He has the power to change his appearance in any way he likes. His gentle and mild manners are seen through the reds and greens that he wears on his robes. Many artists decide on the middle ground when painting him, as the middle-aged, brown-greying, shoulder-lengthed haired and with a tall physique. But the long beard, at least visibly so, is a trademark with Him.

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