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Forever is She watching over Her followers, even those who don't have Her to heart. She is a protector of the innocent and known to have never abandoned them. Strength, Courage, and Wisdom guide Her against Her enemies. Reliona, the Goddess of War that protects us all.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A Goddess well-liked and favoured by many, Reliona is the Goddess of War, Strength, Courage, Virginity and Wisdom among many aspects. She is one of several Gods worshipped on Nimenra. While many Gods of Nimenra sit idly and only intervene at Their most needed time, Reliona is different. She has protected humans all over Telamirein and will always do so for the good that She knows. As also a Goddess of War, She has a rivalry with the God of Warriors and Death, Orios. In Nilaminra, Reliona is seen as their patron and state Goddess togheter with Nilari, a unique position due to that no other country has chosen a God or Goddess for such a position.
Reliona and her Brother, Rhyn, are also known as the Siblings of Stability. Their combined powers made it so that Nimenra was not claimed by The Other Gods.

The Goddess of War Herself

Reliona is one of the most followed and honoured of all the Gods in The Eight Pantheons. Known as the Goddess of War due to Her actions in The War of The Gods and its subsequent chaotic period, She is also the strength and wisdom that many Humans show. In some areas of knowledge about life, She outmatches Her brother, Rhyn, who is seen as the leader, or at least the symbolic leader, of the Eight Gods and the God of Nature and Fertility. While She and Her Brother match each other, She being rash and He being patient, She being stubborn and He being flexible and kind, and the most notable of all; She being a symbol of chastity and He being a symbol of fertility.

Her goals

Together with Nilari, Reliona see peace in Nimenra as a priority. This is also why They both have shown themselves many times to Heroine and Heroes. Reliona is known to show Herself in dreams or in an ethereal form before these people when they are chosen and needed. Thus She is one of the Gods that interfere in the affairs of humanity the most with Her champions. Most of these have fought in The War for Marlun against the demons.

However, Reliona has an intense rivalry with another God, Orios, the God of Warriors and Death. According to tradition, They both have had a dispute over who is truly the God of Warfare. It was Rhyn's decision to split the duty of warfare between Them but They still have had a fight, both in the Gods realm and on Nimenra's earth. This dispute has passed over to the two countries Nilaminra and Orfordwhelm who have decided to follow one or the other God in several ways.

Her worship

One can venerate Reliona in several ways. The first and foremost is one's dedication to Her through prayers and virtuous ways:


  1. When in battle, show no fear nor let anger and emotion rule your weapon
  2. When at home, do your chores with a healthy mind and body
  3. Weaknesses are only abilities that can be improved
  4. Protect others who can't, but let yourself not be foolhardy and forgo your learning
  5. Let no one contain your abilities, live fully as you expect Reliona and yourself want you to live. She wants you to live a happy life.
  6. Let only yourself go to one if they are righteous, worthy and of heart so that you and they can live happily
    • But don't let your life dwindle in their shadow if they show themselves of foul being despite your best effort. Throw them aside and rekindle your duty to Her.
  7. Live no lustfully endeavours, Reliona will always watch and judge your actions
  8. A clean life is admirable, but remember your feelings
  9. Protect knowledge so it won't be destroyed or forgotten
  10. Experience throws doubt upon those who have none
The God of:
Church / Cult:
The Eight Pantheons
The Order of the Holy Relinnias
The Red Swan
The Red Robin
The Red Rose
The Sword and Shield
Let Her will guide my mind.
Let Her strength empower my body.
Let Her knowledge solve my questions.
Reliona, O Lady Reliona, Goddess aid me through my duty and life.

Reliona is depicted with long red hair and a youthful, beautiful face. Her eyes can both burn with a fierce passion for battle and a soft, graceful manner depending on the situation. Her body sculptured for both combat and appearance, but She is most likely to appear in armour in both. The armour is a silver shining suit of metal with red hints that radiates from it, covering Her fully and hiding all of Her body. Whatever hides beneath the plates, are not known by Human or Demon.

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Other ways are to join one of several orders that have Reliona as their patron. Joining the Nilaminran Church of Reliona as a priestess or initiate and dedicate one's life through them is one way to do so. Another is to dedicate themselves to a life of warfare in the Order of the Holy Relinnias as a knightess in Her name and defend the innocent and righteously train to become stronger and a symbol for those innocent.


Rituals are many as well due to the many aspects of Reliona. The most common, except perhaps Her prayers, is the ceremony of Fillove, or the "ritual for a blossoming girl". A coming of age ceremony. A young girl between the age of twelve and fifteen-year is given a blessing and a neckless or bracelet with the rose symbol. A girl with strong prowess might be given the sword or shield symbol. The rose is a sign of the girl's maturity and that she is ready for Reliona to protect the girl in her future life. Before that it is Nilari's duty to protect the girl for harm and sickness. On the day of this ceremony, depending on the number of girls receiving Reliona's blessing, is filled with games and relationship binding between them. Some girls might even present their first "real" relationship to their family.
One of the most important rituals is the prayer in a church to an icon of Reliona. During the prayer, depending on the nature of it, one calls to Reliona for Her protection from evil and harm. Blessing is given by a priestess of Reliona who put her left four fingers through the hair or on the forehead of the person in question. If it is a private prayer, the person themselves draw with two fingers from the top of their forehead over their eyebrows to the tip of their nose. Some churches and shrines have blessed water that is used when drawing the fingers across.
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