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The God of the Prideful Warrior and the ever so youthful one at that. Even called the God of Death by the warriors of Orfordwhelm. He is, however, quite hard to... truly grasp, to the extent that something is amiss...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Gods leaves Nimenra and its inhabitants alone most of the time. In great time of peril some of them have intervened, like Reliona who fought several times on the side of Nilaminra's heroines.
But some Gods stayed out of the conflicts of humans and demons. Orios is one of them, having only been down once according to legend and aided the Chief-king of Orfordwhelm. Due to His aid, he became their patron god, the young, athletic and stylish God who stood by the side of a king and fought off evil invaders. A God of warriors, a god of arms, a god of raw strength and a pillar of the lone fighters, standing side by side until the end. Orios is the manifestation of an true Orfordsmen.
But there are also secrets behind this God of Warriors and Death. Few know the truth of what He truly is, and what effects He will unravel on Nimenra as the continent goes to war once again...

The God Orios and His goals

Orios is a simple God according to many outside of Orfordwhelm and the "true believers". He is a warrior of heart, one prideful and strong. While not wanting to aid His followers too much, He is close to always depicted with a smile or a gesture of happiness in art. He wants warriors to fight good and bravely, even in the face of death. As He guides the dying warriors into their eternal rest where they can fight and do whatever they want on a vast field of green pasture and in a hall of pride, He is glad that He can assist in their final wish.
In Orfordwhelm He is seen as the God who leads them to victory and through defeats. While not their official state God, he is someone who a large majority pray for to aid in their times of need and especially in time for battle. Sacrifices to Orios is practised at his temple and in arenas before battles. This can be through the offering of blood. Human blood is allowed but only through strict manners and observed ways. In the temple, it is the priest who makes a small cut on the thumb or index finger and drops it into a bowl where it is collected. In an arena, it is symbolised with the drawing of blood from the combatants. The same goes for before battle. It is believed by the Orfordsmen that Orios leads them into battle in spirit and that He will aid them if a time of need comes. Some warriors make tattoos that symbolise His sign (the wolf, small predatory birds or the sword and pelt) on their bodies to show Him that when they die they are one of His most devoted in battle.
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The Eight Pantheons
Cult of Orios
Small predatory birds
The Wolf
The Spear and pelt
Related Myths
Orios is usually depicted as brown-haired and having a rough appearance compared to other Gods. The clothes are tattered and well worn into, except in more regal imagery were his armour might be orderly red-brown fur and leather. His eyes are always a beacon like his smile, never showing fear in face of danger.

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Cult of Orios
Organization | Feb 11, 2021
What is the truth?

The truth of Morgonmir

I once met upon a God, bearded and old, seemingly lost in thoughts as I approached. But I would not be deceived, or so I told myself at the time, but I lost my guard and the sense of danger speaking to him. I realized it too late and when I did, He was gone. The Gods are more real then many will give credit and the legends about them walking side by side with humans and demons are true. That said, however... the texts and legends can change over time, to the Gods' benefit or detriment.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
  The "true believers" or as they call themselves, "the Elders Mormir", have an altogether different version of Orios. They speak of an old, mystical man called Mormir, or Morgonmir, amongst themselves. Morgonmir is the true shape and form of Orios, Orios being a malformation of Morgonmir's true form that has been twisted to be more of a youthful man that is headstrong and rushes into danger. This "Orios" is but a false image to them.
Morgonmir is thus the real God behind the appearance of Orios. A God with a keen intellect, knowledge and power, far beyond what Orios is told to be in relation to the other Gods. Few depictions of Morgonmir are found where He is fully shown, the paintings and arts of Gods in gatherings or other situations usually have Orios, but there are some that depict the dark, hooded and elderly man with a curly beard. These art pieces are few and far between, many in closed collections of nobility. No art in this form exists in Orfordhwelm, as the Orfordmen find that an elderly and scrawny warrior who needs a stick to even move around as close to heresy and more wrong than seeing Reliona as an elderly lady.
There are some who have told tales of old men, wrapped in robes and hooded, having approached people who have become great and important. None is willing to accept that it's Morgonmir and prove the Elders Mormir right and that He has affected the world without anyone realizing. But Morgonmir does nothing out of pure good, neither out of hate or evil according to the Elders.
No, to understand Morgonmir, He must be exposed and found out, the texts mentioning Him read. Eventually, someone might find His eyes upon them, but for what reason, there is no one who but He who will know...
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