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Cult of Orios

Orios is recognized by the other seven pantheons due to His commitment to protecting Nimenra against the Other Gods during Their great conflict. He is probably the... lesser followed Gods, at least outside of Orfordwhelm. In there, he is seen as their main deity, the one that many, if not all, should follow for greatness and prosperity. It is no wonder that the Cult of Orios has had its powerbase there since their beginnings and strengthened it with their connection to all the leading nobility.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Cult of Orios is one of the accepted pantheons in The Eight Pantheons. For the Cult Orios is an embodiment of what a man should strive to be, youthful, strong and unfaced against most opponents. While they recognize that he is foolhardy at times, it is seen as another great display of might from him. The Cult itself is comparingly small to the other seven Gods cults, groves and churches. Most of its power is found in Orfordwhelm, the country that sees Him as their Patron God. It is also to where many of the pilgrims and believers go for great journies, either to participate in grand rituals performed by Arch-Ofarin or the other leaders of the Cult.
Religious, Pantheon
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The Followers of Orios
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