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Love of the Siblings

Few love tales are as famous as that of Rhyn and Reliona. Gods have always intrigued Humans and all beings alike, but such romance as between Rhyn and Reliona... it has a fascination that can be considered improper and unnatural.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Love of the Siblings is a tale about the Gods Rhyn and Reliona. It is one of the most common tales about the two of them, a story of a love that is special for the two of them and unlike any that other Gods or beings share.


Rhyn and Reliona have been central to many parts of Nimenra. They both were leading figures in the war against the Others and the conflict among the Gods. Also as they both are Gods of fertility and virginity, they share a bond as opposites but also equals. The two divine beings are figures of importance and are the most worshipped beings among the Gods of all. Their shared bond is not only that of counterparts, but are also called the Siblings of Stability, as Reliona protected Nimenra and Rhyn created it, all together with the other Gods, but also due to the fact that they are siblings.
They do, however, share something else. They are said to be lovers.
The story begins long ago when Rhyn and Reliona fought side by side with each other against other Gods that were against them and the other six major Gods that followed them. They were fighting a seven-headed monster created by one of these enemy Gods of enormous in size and with poisonous teeth that could leave any God bedridden for life. The battle was fought on for three nights and four days when Rhyn was bitten by not only the monster's last head but also struck by an arrow from Reliona. Rhyn fell over, wounded by his sister and the creature while Reliona in her grief and rage killed not only the monster but the God, His sons and followers as well all in a day. Regaining Her composure, She picked up Rhyn and took Him to His bed in their home located beyond Nimenra.
The poison had already taken effect, Rhyn was fatigued, ill and could not move on his own anymore. It seemed like the battle had been lost from then on. That is when Nilari told Her of a way to help Him. She had to find three herbs and the water from a Silveran(Silver?) being to make a potion that would not only heal his ailment but recover His inner strength and vigour. But the conflict that was ongoing demanded Reliona's attention at the same time, She would not be able to fight while away. Nilari told Reliona that She had to choose, that Rhyn would forever be bedridden and tired, never able to be with Her or anyone else due to the poison. She also said that Reliona did injure Her brother, which in turn made her responsible. Rhyn, in his tiredness, told Reliona that She had the choice in Her hands and that He would not blame Her, as Nilari did.
Reliona decided after Her own deliberation that She was going to forgo the conflict for Her brother's sake. For one month and all of Midi-term, when She was weakened, She was tested by nature and other Gods and eventually had the herbs needed. But when she was on Her way to find the Silveran being, She was told by another God that She would not make it, as the herbs would have little effect after the time She had spent looking for them. This news angered Her but also left the feeling of loss within, She had put aside the conflict for the time and might have thus lost it. She would need four days of travel back to Rhyn and their home, while the herbs would be bad within three.
She found the Silvaran being who also tested Her. After the test of making the creature food, She was given the water that shined like Umber and tasted strong sweet and nut. With all that she needed, She hurried, hoping that there might be a chance. But after three constant days of travel, She was tired and thirsty, Her horse was even more tired and the conflict among the Gods had now even prolonged Her travel.
What made it worse was that She fell off Her horse and spilt out everything She had collected. Failure was unfortunately a fact. She cried out of shame, love and loss for what had happened.
Her determination, however, did not give up. Rather than allowing it to be wasted, She took what little of the water was left and the herbs. She mixed it all together, creating a silver liquid with flakes of ruby and gold from the herbs. But there was only one way to get it safely to Rhyn...
Reliona drank part of it, feeling a warming sensation throughout Her body. With the renewed strength that the potion gave, She rose to Her feet, recovered Her horse and ran through hoards of enemies and nature itself. As she arrived back home, She noticed that the potion had drained from its container. It seemed once again that She had met an end. But Nilari noticed that Reliona had drunk the potion and explained that the potion had drained into Her because She had drunk it. That meant Reliona had the potion within Her and Nilari explained that there was yet one way for Reliona to save Her brother.
That was to have intercourse with Him.
Reliona was struck with silence from the other five Gods present. Would She go that far for Her brother? As it turned out, She would. She told them to leave Her and Rhyn in peace for four nights and four days. As Nilari was the last to leave, She asked Reliona if she was not too emotional, as She was about to break Her own virginity and with Her brother non the less. Reliona is said to have met Her eyes with silence and a faint smile with tears on her cheeks.
The days and night passed, the conflict in the world still ongoing and the other Gods, however mighty they were, were not of the same strength as Reliona and Rhyn, for both their abilities were missed. Krakros, one of the Gods, used some of his mightiest magical abilities to protect the Gods' realm and home so that Rhyn and Reliona would not be disturbed, while Askersound and Umberem fought with all their might.
Then the day came, doors opened and out came a renewed Rhyn, strong and fresh from his illness. He and Reliona rose into battle immediately and dealt a heavy blow to their enemies.
For Reliona's actions and Her adventure to save Rhyn, She would be reminded of the Goddess of War, wisdom and virginity.
But what of the love between them? Some tell that Reliona and Rhyn forever shared a bond stronger than other siblings and Gods for their deed and that Reliona swore that Her virginity would forever be Her brothers. Others tell that their love was shared only once but that Reliona's sacrifice was needed and strengthened Herself. This in turn says that Reliona only gave Her virginity to protect the one She loved so that Rhyn did not perish or be forever bedridden and lost to Her.

Variations & Mutation

Accordingly to some versions, it is said that Reliona was given back Her virginity after the events so She could give it to the one She deemed worthy beyond Her brother.
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