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Answers to this prompt

The Spider Queen

by Serukis

Vescur & The Midnight Prince

by melior64

The Silent Ones

by Naelin

The Tragic Love of Brave Lady...

by Michael Chandra

The Illusionist and the Star-C...

by Brinsmead

The Warlock and the Crusader

by Lyraine Alei

The Tragedy of Maura and Iagan

by David_Ulph

Elthor and Amia

by Eallixy

the Tale of Napir and Nahuntte

by Rashkavar

The Tragic Romance of Vlad & S...

by amelianite

For Princess Margaret

by Frogdrake

Life and Death

by Cryssalia

Remembrancing : The Song for a...

by Secondhand

The Tragedy of Yesh and Jude

by eccbooks


by hughpierre

Ameron Binkley and Elina Buckn...

by SilikG

Dance of the Sun & Moon

by RiverFang

The Ill-fated Romance of Sibur...

by JHB1993

Treurige Liefde

by Jacob-W

Two maids

by BasicDragon

'The Princess and the Orc'

by NorthWhiteWolf

Birth of Hassien

by vivimorena

Celesi and Luna

by Suji

Gariela and Sandalius

by Scalenex

Hrog and Dare

by LauraVAB

Keeper's Love

by CoffeeQuills

Love of the Siblings

by Worldkeymaster

Luzeiros & Aleria

by Tiirikka

Mistayn and Coral

by Moondare

Mór-Ríoghain and Crann Beatha

by xtremepsy

rar tib colt rar dibch chub gu...

by Lillithwolf

Remus und Vulcan

by Racussa

Slephnir i Marea

by Natalia G.

The Dreamer Gods

by dinosaurbob

The Legend of Temira and Katan

by Wordigirl

The Moon and Moonlight

by Tuisku

The Romance of Michael and Vio...

by Lady Grayish

The Tragedy of Parthene

by PaulusSimeonus

The Wagon Lovers

by Corvo Branco

Wruin, the Horris & Smote

by Forjgenon

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