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The Ill-fated Romance of Sibura & The Journeyman.

Sibura & The Journeyman.

It was a horrible day for Sibura, Goddess of the Sea, when her lover was banished from the Pantheon. Sibura began to develop a more erratic mind because of the grief, and it was not long before she created a vast ocean surrounding the Floating Isle. She loved him, and she was ready to give her immortality away for an opportunity to live with him in the land of the humans. But she were soon to be shaken to the core, cause she knew very little about the man she loved.  

The meeting of the Sea and the Chaos.

The sun hung low over the Pantheon when Sibura and The Journeyman first met. At this point in history, The Journeyman went by the name Ignus, a name he got when he first erupted from the Primordial Soil. In the beginning many of the gods didn't take notice of each other, but Ignus, at this point, had already begun to revolt against the way things worked at the Pantheon. A key element in his eventual banishing. Sibura had felt the change for a while, but it was first when she visited the Garden of Divinity to play with the newly created water, that she realized what it was all about. Ignus had messed with the Godly Atmosphere, a primordial fabric that helt the gods in a daze. A daze that made them focus on building the world. But Ignus had had enough. He wanted to be free, and he seduced Subira to support him. But he hadn't realized that Subira actually had deep feelings for this "Rebellious God".  

The creation of the new race. 

Ignus had wanted to built something of his own for a while and he had collected material from the Primordial Soil to do it. He created a model in his own image and convinced Sibura to give some of her Essence to bring it to life. Sibura borrowed the Knife of Asmunin, the God of Death, to bloodlet herself. The blood of the gods are usually bright blue, but because Sibura had developed the unusual feelings towards Ignus, it shone crimson red. It wasn't long before the new race was functioning, but the other gods had sensed something too. They knew that Ignus and Sibura plotted against them, so they sent for their heads.   Both Sibura and Ignus were caught, but Sibura were coerced into testify against her one true love, and it wasn't long before Ignus and his "Abominable Creation" were sent onto their death. Before the Tribunal of the Gods, Uluura, The God of Justice, stripped Ignus of his Godname and they were dragged out onto the tall cliffs that surrounded the Isle and thrown off. Sibura used her powers to summon water that could lead her lover safely away from the island. It took several years before "The Journeyman" swam ashore on the new land.

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