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The Tragic Romance of Vlad & Sin-yeona

This is the tragic romance of Emperor Vlad & his beloved wife Empress Sin-Yeona...

The very fate that would bring these two lovers together was destined in the stars. Yet, it would also be their downfall. Like many tragedies, desire was Emperor Vladimir Tepes and Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa's strongest passion, forging a fire so bright it could only be snuffed out by the darkest of tragedies.   These two met on Klufusius 11th of 1401 EoL and their romance lasted until Tilelt 2nd of 1492 EoL, when their passion would be blown away in the wind caused by the deceitful friendship of the Moonlight Expanse. Many musicians would tell the tragic tale of these lovers across the Itude Empire, while theaters will act out the romance, but only if the emperor does not hear of it.  

A New Era Forged

As of Klufusius 11th, 1401 EoL
By the time Emperor Vlad met Duchess Sin-yeona, she was 599-years-old with Vlad being 765-years-old and in charge of his very own kingdom. As the grandaughter of Waung Has-few Chesona, she was used to a life a simplicity, yet she found herself falling for the emperor as she could they were soulmates. She never had time to pressure others into doing her bidding, so to see Vlad ordering his people around as though they were slaves... It instantly drove a wedge between them.   Sin-yeona had a mind of her own, always looking out for people, despite her noble upbringing. She knew her job was to inspect Emperor Vlad's expansion of the newly formed Itude Empire. Though all relationships are bound to have their issues. Not once did Vlad object to Sin-yeona's actions, finding them admirable. Sin-yeona was the blessing of the darkness upon his soul. She was the only one to reach the pain in his heart from having to leave his home in search of his missing father, King Lucifer, the Light.   With Sin-yeona not wavering from her stance to protect the empire's citizens, Vlad had no choice but to ask for her help. He needed his people to help him build his empire, but he also couldn't stand the thought of this beauty leaving him in the dust. So, Vlad devised a plan.   By late Kruqesk, Vlad had convinced his four loyal earls to help Sin-yeona see that Vlad was a better person. This was also the time of the Icegrasp Solstice Ball, a formal event held once a year in honor of the year's end. It wa also a time to show just how kind and generous he could be. His earls suggested he invite a portion of the citizens to show just how different he was from when he was busy worrying about his family.   For the entire ball, Vlad and Sin-yeona were forced to dance and speak to one another, not that Vlad minded. He was glad for her company, even if she wanted nothing to do with him. But at the end of the night, something in Sin-yeona had changed. She now saw the good in Vlad and how he did care for his people. This helped push her into giving Vlad a chance.

Table of Contents

by miladenleschi (Pixabay)
Quick Facts
Date of Setting:
Klufusius 11th, 1401 EoL - Tilelt 2nd, 1492 EoL
Related Locations:
Related Organizations:
Itude Empire
Date of Setting
Klufusius 11th, 1401 EoL - Tilelt 2nd, 1492 EoL
Related Locations
Related Organizations
The Fate of Desire hooked Vlad and Sin-yeona up by using his magick touch to inflict them with great love for each other.
As of Judash 14th, 1410 EoL
sin-yeona's favorite rose by GLady (Pixabay)
Around Judash of 1410 EoL, Sin-yeona and Vlad had gotten to know one another better and through trials and hardships, the two of them found peace together. They were happier together than ever being apart. Waung Has-few Chesona pursued every angle to keep them apart as he did not agree with the way Vlad ran his empire. The two upper classmen rarely saw eye-to-eye, but as Sin-yeona's soul began to break from being away from her beloved, Waung Has-few Chesona finally agreed to allow Vlad to marry Sin-yeona. The only condition? Vlad and Sin-yeona's second-born child would be raised in the Tong-illa Teikoku as a betrothed to Crown Princess Ah-cy Zhao-yang of the Myeong-bich-ye Teikoku.   Vlad accepted the deal through swearing upon the Sun and the Moon Goddesses and began to prepare a beautiful walk through the garden near the east wing of the palace for when his love returned to him. The garden was filled with all of Sin-yeona's favorite flowers, shrubs, and vines. Upon reuniting, Vlad proposed and Sin-yeona accepted. Their romance blossomed even brighter and soon, they were expecting their first child.  
As of Klufusius 3rd, 1429 EoL
On the third of Klufusius of 1429 EoL, Crown Princess Marinette Cheonsa was born. She was the light and joy of the empire, leaving many to wonder when the Hex of Darkness would be performed on her. Shortly after Mari's birth, Vlad asked for Sin-yeona to take a tour with him to show off their little girl, the heir to the throne. It would be a way for them to get to know their people, and for the empire to know Mari. The two went off without a hitch and everything was normal, for a while...  

The Prophecy Foretold

As of Cahuln 15th, 1441 EoL
One day, at the beginning of the month of Cahuln, Sin-yeona fell sick with a terrible fever. Vlad had no idea what to do, which left many to wonder what was ailing their empress. As the days came and went, nobody knew what was going on or even how to cure the empress of whatever inflicted. Even the healing of the blood witches did nothing but prolong her suffering. It seemed to everyone that she was going to die.   Then, on the fifteenth of Cahuln, Sin-yeona was encompassed by an overwelming glowing light that hit her like a boulder falling from a cliff. Within the light were snippets of the future, and with it came the following words:  
When the time comes that the moon turns dismal,
A forced marriage causes a paranormal downfall.
Once the broken flaming heart returns,
A foolish choice shall mark concerns.
And upon the day wolf and vampire live together,
Four children of purple shall bring forth harmony forever.
  Upon hearing the words, Sin-yeona had no idea she was uttering the words of the prophecy aloud in the room, making her sound more delirious than she ever showed with the fever. Thankfully, the blood witch that was by her side at the time, wrote down her words and presented to the emperor. These words would forever change the way the empire worked.   Within hours after speaking the prophecy, Sin-yeona's fever vanished as if she never had it in the first place. Now, Vlad feared for what this prophecy meant and he began to pull his family of three away from the view of the Moonlight Expanse. Like all prophecies, this prophecy meant danger and Vlad had no desire to let his little girl or his beautiful wife in any form of danger. The only problem was that Vlad knew he must have a second child else he wished to incur the wrath of Waung Has-few Chesona.  
As of 1491 EoL
During the entire year of 1491 EoL, Vlad's suspicion grew. Every little thing the Moonlight Expanse (especially the werewolves) did had Vlad guessing if they had some alterior motive. The wolves were never on their side and constantly berated them during the yearly meetings of the Ordnance Alliance.   After a few decades of dealing with the harsh treatment of each species of the Moonlight Expanse, Vlad made Sin-yeona promise to keep their future children under further protection, not even telling her family of the children until the time was right. Bitterly, Sin-yeona agreed, knowing that her husband's frantic nature was one out of love.  

The Final Child

As of Biwid 25th, 1492 EoL
By the twenty-fifth of Biwid, Sin-yeona had gone into labor once more, delivering her final child, Prince Kěith Cheonsa. Vlad and Sin-yeona welcomed their baby boy, yet they continued to keep his existence a secret to protect him from the threat that Vlad believed was hanging over their heads.  
As of Tilelt 2nd, 1492 EoL
For six months, the two of them were able to hold onto their peace until Sin-yeona couldn't take the stress of being locked inside the palace all the time. She begged and begged for Vlad to take from the palace so that she may find some form of peace, and to also feed herself.   Vlad reluctantly agreed and the two of them headed out of the palace and near the forest. Sin-yeona caught a deer and fed, but a few moments later, the four reigning Alphas arrived at the scene. It remains unknown as to how they entered the palace grounds, but it is believed that a traitor is among the loyal guards of the Vol'nische Cavern Maze.  
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
  Thanks to the Alphas, Vlad learned that a different prophecy existed, one that would toss everything into the frying pan and then explode:  
The day wolves howl together,
A forbidden love shifts to power.
Upon the day when a vampire's heart burns of fire,
The forests shrink from the crossfire.
When spring turns to summer in a trice,
One wolf's heart becomes that of ice.
  From this prophecy, the Alpha Lysander explained they were there only to assassinate the empress to keep the prophecy from coming true. Their twisted attempt left Vlad and Sin-yeona exposed and unable to call for help. Vlad screamed for Sin-yeona to run, and try as she might, she only made it partially into the garden when Alpha Herrick dragged Sin-yeona back to the group and after Alpha Lysander finished explaining what he was going to do to the couple, Alpha Herrick stabbed Sin-yeona through the jaw and up into her brain, letting her suffer in front of her husband.   The Alphas mocked Vlad and left him with Sin-yeona's dying body. Vlad pulled Sin-yeona into his arms and he craddled her during her last moments, until her final breath was released. In that moment, Vlad felt his soul shattering and in his grief, he swore upon the Sun and Moon Goddess, vowing revenge against the Moonlight Expanse for doing this to him and swearing an unending hatred toward his son for causing Sin-yeona's weakened state just for being born.  
As of Sroqo 16th, 1492 EoL
Due to Vlad's swear to Waung Has-few Chesona, he had to send his son away to live in the Tong-illa Teikoku, but this also presented Vlad with the opportunity to get rid of the problem in his life. As long as Kěith was not there, Vlad had no problems with his son still being alive. So, Vlad took up the deal on Sroqo 16th of 1492 EoL, about a month-and-a-half after Kěith's birth. This allowed for Vlad to finally focus soley on the biggest problem in his life: getting back at the Moonlight Expanse.  
As of Sroqo 25th, 1492 EoL - Current
The war beings on Sroqo 25th, 1492 EoL, nearly two months after Sin-yeona's death. By rallying the empire into a frenzy after her demise, Vlad finally had the means to stop whatever twisted plans the Moonlight Expanse. Nothing anyone said to him would stop his plans for attack. From this moment on until the current day, the Itude Empire and Moonlight Expanse will be at war over Empress Sin-yeona's assassination, Vlad's soulmate now lost to him until death.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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This is so sad. I wonder how different things would have been if she hadn't died. :(

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The war probably would have still happened. But "how" is a different question indeed.

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