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the Tale of Napir and Nahuntte

The tale of Napir and Nahuntte tells the story of the love of Napir, god of the moon, and Nahuntte, god of the sun. It is set in prehistory, back before the founding of the First Empire when they were young, long before their ascension to godhood.


Napir and Nahuntte were members of different nomadic tribes travelling the Wildlands, back in a time when there was naught but Wildlands. Napir's tribe, the Nightstalkers, was nocturnal, traveling under cover of darkness, while Nahuntte's Daywalkers strode the light of day. The tribes often travelled near to one another, but each feared the other, for the night (or the day) is full of terrors.   Despite this, the two had more similarities than differences. Both were sorcerers, born with a rare and powerful gift, though neither had realized it at the time. Both were scouts for their tribes - spending much of their time ranging out ahead, seeking a safe path forward for the tribe. And both had an open mind, curious about other peoples rather than fearing them.   The two met on one of these expeditions, and quickly grew close. Before long they had taught each other to read the signs they left for their tribes, and tried to meet up every dawn and dusk for a few hours of companionship. Sometimes they worked together, staying up through the night or the day.   But this was not to last. Other members of their tribes saw them together, and came to suspect something - that they sought to corrupt them, possibly tempt them away, or even lead the tribe into a trap. Fears rose, preparations were made...but Napir and Nahuntte remained blind to the coming war.   It was Nahuntte's tribe that struck first, a vicious assault on the Nightstalker camp in the light of day, neutralizing sentries and catching the tribe asleep in their beds. They, in turn responded that very night, assassins sneaking into the Daywalker camp, seeking out and killing leaders and magi.   The two were forced to break off their relationship, and tried to convince their respective tribes to break off hostilities, but the damage was done. Both sides had lost too many to forgive. The war continued...and consumed both tribes.   The fighting continued until there were only three survivors - Napir and Nahuntte, who had refused to take part in the fighting, and one other daywalker. Even then, they refused to end the fighting - coming upon the sleeping Napir, drawing a dagger, and striding toward him. But Nahuntte arrived just in time, and struck him down with a bolt of pure, uncontrolled magic.   The two moved on together, sleeping through the middle of the day and the middle of the night, and travelling around dusk and dawn. They lived out their lives together, saddened by their loss, and determined to enlighten others, hoping to prevent such a disaster from ever happening again.

Variations & Mutation

The story is well known in all lands where worship of Napir and Nahuntte is common, under a variety of names. Broad events stay the same, though a variety of details change. Some tales dramatize the conflict in a variety of ways, some draw out the romance between Napir and Nahuntte, and so forth. There are other stories of the two's subsequent journeys as well, that are occasionally included, but to most people the tale of Napir and Nahuntte tells how they met and of the tragic war between their tribes.

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
16 Jan, 2021 21:08

Awww, what a sad tale. If only the rest of the two tribes had been willing to talk with each other. :(

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!