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Luzeiros & Aleria

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Story of King Luzeiros Venramoir & Queen Aleria is one of the most retold stories in the islenorian romantic fiction. Story of this historical couple has been retold and reimagined so many times that no one truly knows how much of it is still original.


According to the legend, Luzeiros Venramoir fell in love with Aleria in the moment he laid his eyes on her. The story goes that there was a party in the castle of his father the duke, and young Luzeiros, barely of age, got overwhelmed by the guests and young ladies eyeing him and his older brother. He went to the garden to take a breather when a song most beautiful filled the air.

Curious, Luzeiros approached the sound to see where it was coming from and found the most beautiful young woman, who also had run from the party, singing on the edge of the water fountain.

Luzeiros was most mesmerized by the young Aleria, and in his heart, he knew they were meant to be together forever. Filled with a burning, flustered passion of a young man in love, he rushed to the beautiful maiden, immediately falling on his knee and proposing her.

Aleria, confused but flattered, was amused by the proposal. She told she couldn't just marry someone she had just met, but agreed to spend a moment with young Luzeiros, offering him a song instead. Luzeiros, embarrassed as he realized the silliness of his actions, apologized, but the love that had light up in his chest never faded and his earnest nature had already planted a spark in Aleria's heart.

Couple would become more close in the next few years, sending letters and poems as well as little gifts to one another, sneaking to meet each other in secret as their love grew.

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