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Islenor is region ruled by the Empire of Islenor. It reaches from the Scorched Mountains to the White Peaks, neighboring Aradace Tharur and Kingdom of Freynia. It is the biggest known territory in the surface world, its northest points covered in tundra and southern-most coast enjoying from mediterraen climate.


Size of the Islenorian lands is massive: most northernmost point falls on about 68° N and the most southernmost on the root of the mountain Groth Faern on ~31° N, with 4 200 km falling between them. It has 48° of longitude inside its borders, making this massive land highly diverse.   Islenor is framed from the west by the Scorched Mountains, from east by the White Peaks, north by the Northern Waters, and from the south by the Scar Coast. Valleys, forests, rivers and lakes dot the landscape.


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