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The Wild Wastes

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As The Cracking shook the world and the Scarback Ridge rose, once fertile jungles and plains turned to burning desert, now infested by uncontrolled, wild magic. This ruthless corner of the continent of Umeros is know as the Wild Wastes.

The desert is the largest one in the known world, full of canyons, strange magical pheunomena, devastating beasts and monstrosities and long lost ruins of past Erdokaal cultures now long gone. Area is considered as a large Crack Scar.


Rolling dunes, sudden canyons and sinkholes, strange, thisting pilars of sand and rock as well as magical anomalies cover most of the Wild Wastes, making it ruhless and strangely captivating sight. Rarely one would travel these lands willingly, and non natives would avoid the area completely, choosing the tunnels of dwarves or the open sea to avoid the direct crossing of the Wastes.

Among the otherwise unforgiving enviroment lays hadnful spledid oasis, that had gathered few communities that call this lawless land as their home.


Once the area flourished, and it was a home for rich and vibrant human civilisations. However, as The Cracking took place the land was permanently shaken, and these rich cultures would vanish as the earth quaked and topled on itself, consumed by the hungry magical current. Memory of humans is short, and the names of the people who lived here are partially forgotten, their treasures and curses still burried deep in the sands of the Wastes.

Now days, the Wild Wastes is a lawless land were Sultanate of Jubar banishes it's criminals. Though some live in the Wastes volutarily - either looking for treasures or simply hiding from the civilised world. These people, known as the Wastelanders, are considered strange and savage folk.

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