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Crack Scars


During the devastation caused by The Cracking, the magical surges permanently altered several geographic features of the lands. Largest and most prominent of them are known as "Crack Scars" or simply "Scars", and they come in several shapes and sizes, many times changed by the magical blast that once went through.


The scars appear in multiple forms, most common being chains of mountains and hills, or canyons, deep trenches and irregularities near coastal areas. The areas are not always magical (though they can), but their creation to current form was, and sometimes this is blatantly obvious to see. These areas might have been permanently altered in several ways, few examples of this are:

The Scar Coast
Once the solid edge of the continent of Umeros, Scar Coast is now broken to scattered collection of isles, and all the sand of the area has turned to have a silvery color. Several minerals and some plant life here have a strange, slightly off hue from the similar type of things found in other places in Melyria, though not always obvious in the first glance.
The Wild Wastes
Area now known as the Wild Wastes was always a rather dry place but has now turned in to a much wider desert, that on the north side ends to a cluster of mountains known as Scarback Ridge, and further south turns to the Shattered Canyon, that now marks the border of the Sultanate of Jubar. This area is highly unstable and prone to wild magic surges and has spawned several strange new creatures.


It is commonly believed that the scars were born according to a specific set of Ley Lines, that form an arcane current across the whole world. Some marks follow the bottom of the sea, others are visible on the surface maps.

Metaphysical, Arcane


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10 Dec, 2020 01:04

Oo interesting idea. I love the idea of a region that has been entirely changed by magic passing through it. The idea of silver sands is beautiful too.

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