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The Cracking


The Cracking was a cataclysmic event that started the Age of Scars and ended the Age of Prosperity.

According to the historical records, a great surge of magic flowed through the bones of the earth, following magical leylines and breaking earth's crust as it went. In some areas, it made the ground sink, creating places like the Scar Coast⁣⁣, and on others, it lifted up new mountain ranges and islands.

Alternative Names
Age of Prosperity
Generic article | Apr 24, 2021

Before the Age of Scars, was the Age of Prosperity: over 8500 years of growth and expansion that saw to rise of humanoids as the rulers of the world.

Age of Scars
Generic article | Apr 24, 2021

As the world broke, the current era began. Age of Scars has been eventful part on Melyria's history, that started from chaos and has turned to uneasy stability.


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