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~ 28th of Mayol 4047 AoS ~

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In the world of Melyria, people facing some interesting times. Over 4000 years ago started the Age of Scars, after the devastation that made wounds to the earth, which made the world change forever.   Continent of Umeros and the close by neighbors are in brink of great change or even war. Will Empire of Islenor survive the envitable change of rulers? Will Silver Shore Island find prosperity under rule of dragonborns of Aradace Tharur?   Something dark is brewing in Jungles of Thandar that makes the locals uneasy. What is going on is mysterious Ashlarr? What secrets are hidden under surface in Huon dao?   Back in Velkas hobgoblins of Aldroragh have started to change the usual status quo. Are giants waking from their peaceful rest, or is there something else at work here? Have inventors of Vilender really made the future better for all, or are they poking on things they shouldn't? What happens in lands of the legendary dragon queen, is she even real?   It is time to explore, and leave your mark in the world - times are changing, and maybe, just maybe, it is time for a new era. An era that your actions will shape. Welcome to the world of both exploration, fun, and silliness, as well as mysteries, dark places, and terrors.   Welcome to Melyria, DnD 5e RPG setting, and all the notes of the worldbuilding by yours truly! Please enjoy your stay! Become a Snoopy!