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Silver Shore Island

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Silver Shore Island is biggest island of Scar Coast, and also a very wealthy trading hub on it's own side of the world. The small island has its own unique mixed culture and strange long history. This rough moon-shaped (or stingray-shaped, depending on whom you ask) island has a rather small but wealthy, mixed population and it is central to most trade routes.

The area is under the rule of Governor of Silver Shores, belonging currently to Aradace Tharur. The island is home of several semi-independent groups, that mostly join to discuss common matters under the United Councils of Silver Shore.


After collapse that broke the world, the landmass that once stood here went to small pieces, breaking everything to small islands. However, thanks to magical leylines under the area and a sturdy mountain of Vanwa Dafro, also know by locals as "Mount Guster", the area of Silver Shore didn't sink.

Area is know by it's single mountain, Great Forest and fey creatures living there, Lokinanda swamp lands where the veil between Shadowfell is thin and it's cities and even wast tunnels of Mori'tarna that go deep to the Underdark.


  • Silver Shore Island

    Largest island of Scar Coast and a lively trading hub, Silver Shore Island is the place to be. Who knows what adventures lie within?


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