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Dire Wolf

Large Beast

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Dire wolves are one of the most frightening of the dire beasts, known as one of the apex-predators of the northern hemisphere. These sizable have important role in folklore and have even been used as mounts.

Basic Information


Dire wolves share the similar build to their small, wolf cousins, with even larger muscular body and wider snout. Dire wolves of Umeros and Silver Shore Island tend to have smaller ears and fluffier coats than their Velkasi counterparts, where dire wolves of South Velkas are lankier, more high legged and with shorter fur compared to other variants. Where Umeros and north Velkas wolfes are most often grey or cool tones of brown, southern velkas cousins can appear golden, warm browns and even with reddish fur.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As typical to carnivores, dire wolf diet consists almost exclusively of meat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Pack of dire wolves most commonly is formed by a one mated pair, and their possible offspring, making the common pack size to be 2 to 4 wolves. Sometimes pack might be combination of two pairs and their pups, yet pack as large are rare. Dire wolves are social creatures and prefer packs over hunting alone, though in most unforgiving circumstances wolves might travel alone.


Similar to most canines, dire wolves are pack animals and despite being large and fierce, they are known to find ways to live in symbiotic relationships with humanoids when there is no lack of food. This makes it easier to live around humanoids, as they otherwise could be a biggest threat to wolves' survival. Due to their large size and appetite, dire wolves aren't domesticated in mass, but their intelligence makes them good hunting companions.

Both Wood Elves and Goblinoids have long history of training and even breeding dire wolves as steeds. The practice has become extremely common in the island of Silver Shore, due to the area being rather unfitting for using horses.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Packs of dire wolves are met in northern Umeros, Silver Shore Island and continents of Velkas. The large size of the animals make the packs usually scattered and more likely to appear in forests and mountains, yet few venture in areas of tall grass.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Canine, wolf, Large Beast
Average Height
125 to 150 cm
Average Weight
380 to 550 kg
Average Length
250 to 370 cm
Geographic Distribution


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