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Great Forest



The very middle of the Silver Shore Island is cover by the mysterious and untamed forest. Many Islanders simply refer it as "Great Forest" or "Deep Forest" as it is the only significant forest in the area, but it has other names.

Gnomes called these woods Criistlass Dav by the common tree that grows here long before the island was seperated from the continent of Umeros, but the Druidic Tribes of Silver Shore know it as Martacorm'hama, due its strong connection to Feywild.

The Great Forest definitelly isn't your usual forest, as the veil between it and the Feywild is indeed very thin. Howl in the night might as well come from a pack of wolves, Dire Wolves or even group of Blink Dogs. Hoot from near by bush could be just a small owl... Or maybe a curious call of hunting Owlbear.

Area can be dangerous to travel to uninitiated, But it gives shelter for the Druidic Tribes of Silver Shore, the Spiritgrove known as Whispering Willow, druidic circle of Moonwell and well as tiny village of Cutter's Hut, Dogstead, and the trading post of Leuthil Tum.

Alternative Name(s)
Deep Forest
Criistlass Dav ("Knifeleaf Woodlands" in Gnomish)
Martacorm'hama ("Seat of Fey's heart" in Elvish)
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