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Inspired by Summercamp 2020 prompt
"Gunarumun beuha uwaki luhur."
(/gʌnɑruːmʌn bɛuhɑː uˈwɑːkɪ ˈluːhuːr/)

"The owlbear does not care."

— Old orcish wisdom

No one can really tell, is it avian and mammal, a chimaera of some sort or an accident of mother nature, but the owlbear is still one of the most terrifying common monstrosities. And it is feared for a good reason! Known for their violent nature and the eagerness to kill and eat anything that comes on their way, owlbear becomes the apex predator of almost any area it chooses to inhabit.

Basic Information


Owlbear is a large monster with a body similar to a large bear and with the head of an owl. Their large, sharp peaks are serrated and capable of snapping bones and grinding them to a powder. Their form is covered with fur and feathers, and their massive paws end with deadly, sharp claws.

Ecology and Habitats

Origin of the owlbear is a highly debated subject, but most commonly it is considered native predator of the Feywild. In the prime material plane, they mostly live in the forests, especially in those with high concentrations of fey activity.

Dietary Needs and Habits

There is very little the owlbear that doesn't eat or kill for sport. As primarily nocturnal hunters, these beasts move in the darkness of night. Usually, Owlbear hunts alone, moving silently in the forest floor, looking for potential prey. They can be surprisingly quiet as they approach their target, before jumping on its prey with full force.

Attack of an owlbear is quick and brutal. Aided with their weight, they use their claws and peaks to kill their prey, before dragging their corpses to their nest. Not only they will consume all the meat, but they also use their powerful peak to crush the prey's bones and suck out to bone marrow. They also seem to chew bones for sport, leaving bone dust and chips around their nest.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

With their notoriously good darkvision, owlbear can move in darkness with uncomfortable ease. With the eyes of a hunter, they are a formidable foe in the night time. Nothing escapes the beast's murderous gaze.

Unknown, Large Monstrosity
Average Height
2.4 to 3.3 metres
Average Weight
350 to 900 kg
Geographic Distribution

"Nothing quite terrifies a man to their core like a low, growling hoot."
— Traveler in the fey touched woodlands

Credit where credit is due!

This article uses lore and other bits from DnD lore as the starting point. It uses sources from Forgotten Realms Wiki and the official Monster manual entry as an inspiration.

Yes. This is the author's favourite DnD monster of all time. Fight me.


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