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North Velkas


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North Velkas is found north from the Inner Sea, east from Huon dao Islands, and is only barely separated from South Velkas by a narrow strait. North Velkan is mostly inhabited by humans, orcs, giants, goliaths, gnomes and dwarfs. Some firbolgs and wood elves also roam the area.

Known most famously as the home of Vilens, the humans habiting Vilender, Elchner and Askevel, people of South Velkas are strange combination of drive to create technological advancement and the simple folk that try to tame the wild tundras.


The area is split from the middle by a dominating chain of mountains known as Ice-crown Range. Climate is very cold due to the northern location, reaching from tundra to humid subtropical climate. The northern point of the sub-continent exists about 70° N and southern point at 40° N. It is often considered as a singular entity with the South Velkas, which it almost touches from it's the most eastern point.

North Velkas by Tiirikka

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