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Moon Terrace


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For most travelers, first thing they see of the Silver Shore Island is the lighthouse of Lightreach, silver sand of Moon Bay, silouette of Vanwa Dafro-mountain and the port of Moon Terrace. And for many of them, seeing the clock tower and the colorful streets are also promises for opportunities and adventure.

Moon Terrace is the biggest of the surface settlements in Silver Shore Island and often considered as the Island's unofficial capital city. The city is roughly divided to 7 distinct disricts: Moon harbor, Merchant Avenue, Magi District, Middle City, Lower City, Plaza of Gods and High Quarters.


As one of the most versatile cities in the world, Monn Terrace doesn't disappoint. People now ethnically considered as Islanders have their roots in several other ethnicities, like Scarborn, Jubarian, Tharurian, Freyn, Islenorian and Yiin, just to name a few.

City population has slight Human majority, with significant contest from Gnomes and Halflings. Wood Elves and Dwarfs take a good amount of population, and Drow population has been rising, with the Dragonborn. Silver Shore Island has a staggering population of Tieflings compared to any other area, and this is also visible in Moon Terrace. Half-elves and Half-Orcs can also easily be spotted from the scenery, with occational Orc or Goblin. Thanks to busy traffic, you can meet an individual in almost any raise possible visiting at the area.

After ban of Islenorians was removed in 4043, High Elves have made slow comeback to the city, but stay still as a margin minority.


The Moon Terrace is governed by the local City Council, which decisions are overseen by the Governor of Silver Shores. Members of the council are chose on different social groups and guilds of the area to decide on the shared matters. Council can function somewhat independently, but is under the legistations of Aradace Tharur.

The City council is counted as part of the United Councils of Silver Shore.


During the rule of Empire of Islenor, thick walls were build around the city. The wall was built by contractors from Stone Halls to further match the city. Wall is dotted with several defensive towers.

Cityguard of Moon Terrace makes sure that the streets stay safe. Dragonborn Guard has bolstered the city with its own navy.

Industry & Trade

Moon harbor is the busiest district of the city, and indeed, the oldest as well. The whole city grew around it and area now called as Merchant Avenue, and trade, fishing, transport, and even tourism are still important parts of the city.

Moon Terrace is home for several shops and has a unique collection of different types of goods and services to offer. Because of the proximity of the Academy of magic, those visiting the city have a surprisingly good chance to get hold of enchanted items and magical commodities. Food is plentiful, and from several different food cultures.

Besides food and everyday commodities, the city also has a bit more questionable reputation for being the place where you can find some products and services that might be found less legal in other sites. Drugs and strong alcohol with more questionable magical items, weapons, and books are far less regulated, to both good and bad ends.

It's also good to know that the area of Starlight Beach is pretty much part of the city, and it has an extensive collection of different products to offer.


Four roads cross the Moon Terrace, connecting it to rest of the Island: westernmost gate takes to Cliffport town, northernmost to city of Numen Hoop, eastern to city of Stone Halls and southernmost to Boar's Cross and Lightreach. City also has a large port and few semi-active shipyards.

The city has a very robust, dwarven made sewer system that has been both a blessing and a curse during the city's history. As the dwarves build all their structures easy to modify and move on due to the complexity of city planning underground, sewers were made with adaptability, redesign, and easy access in mind, which has caused more than one slum village to pop into existence on the sewers. While overall good for the well being of the city, these sewers have more than just lend themselves to criminal activity.

Guilds and Factions

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After establishing their dominance in city of Stone Halls, leaders of the Stoneskull family recognized that the city of Naugla Tarn did not provide the Silver Shore Island full potential to flourish among the surface dwellers. The Island's populus was growing and settling down and talk about funding a new port came to question.

All eyes were turned to Moon Bay, that had become the safest and most central place to trade after The Cracking in the whole Mirror's Deep. On the bay, one particular village caught the eye of investors, and with patronage of Dalnar Stoneskull, the building of Moon Terrace started in 475 AoS, port truly starting its operations in 476 AoS.

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Because of the several re-builds and wide array of different cultures and people involved in the building process of the city, the architecture of the city is awfully diverse on the oldest parts of the city.

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Moon Terrace was built partially on the rocky shore, to give it a more stable foundation. For this reason, the city rises in about a 10° angle towards the inland.

The land is flatter around Lower City, but next to Moon Arena the land rises significantly, bringing Moon Gardens and High Quarters on significantly higher ground from the Lower city. Lower city stops on a straight wall, which the High quarters sits on.

Before the building of the city, such height difference didn't exist, Some of the rock that was earlier there Lower city is now was quarried to make Merchant Avenue's original cobblestones, and was only later inhabited due to city expansion.

Natural Resources

Moon Terrace connects to good farming lands and has plentiful waters for fishing.

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  • Moon Terrace

    The busy coastal city of Moon Terrace works as the main hub of many of the Melyria adventures! Colourful, lively and strange, there is always something to see.


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