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Leuthil Tum

Leuthil Tum is an interesting village, that doesn't quite fit under any big jurisdictions of the Silver Shore Island. It is not only place of it's kind in the Island, but it is definitely the busiest. It was formed in the valley in front of Vanwa Dafro, down from the road that starts from Stone Halls.

The village was born almost as an accident, as caravans came to move around Stone Halls, yet some beasts of burden and the traders felt uncomfortable staying in the underground, so like the Naugla Tarn became the extention from the mountain to be a harbor, Leuthil Tum extent to the inner land. Around the tent village grew permanent buildings, and finally a full village.


  • Leuthil Tum

    Some settlements are born out of purpose, and sometimes that makes the settlement very unconventional. Leuthil Tum, village near the Stone Halls and it's un conventional marketplace is definitely a place like that. Small, and uneventful... or is it?


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