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Whispering Willow

Spiritgrove of the Silver Shore Island

work in progress

Whispering Willow is enormous, magical tree, and a Spiritgrove. It is sacred for Druidic Tribes of Silver Shore and one of the defining features of the islands. To top that, it is currently a rooting ground for Faliel the Ancient.

Purpose / Function

Whispering Willow functions as a holy sight and spot of meditation for the Druidic Tribes of Silver Shore.


The massive willow has a diameter of about 60 m (~197 ft), an approximated circumference of 190 m (~620 ft), and compasses area of 2800 m2 (~ 30 430 ft2). It is mostly hollow, with "walls" of the tree being about 2 meters (~6.5 feet) thick, and the tree is very much alive. The whole tree is close to 200 meters (~655 feet) tall, and its trunk has several holes in it. By looks of it, it has most in common with white willow, yet it counts as a spirit tree that encompasses a full Spiritgrove.

Inside the tree, there is a full grove of smaller willows, pond, and a flowery meadow.


The willow is usually entered from a big crack on its base, big enough to be a door of a palace. Hypothetically, holes on its trunk could also used as enterances, yet they are usually too high from the ground level for anyone to use.

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