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Faliel the Ancient

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Possibly the oldest humanoid alive, archdruid Faliel Willowsprout is rather peculiar... experience. Describing his presence is a rather baffling job, as truly understanding it requires meeting him. Luckily, he is rather easy to find these days as he is... well, quite literally rooted himself up in the Whispering Willow.

"Zzz... Oh, excuse me. You startled me. What brings to the grove my child?"
— Faliel the Ancient

Faliel the Ancient is a Wood Elf druid elder, who is soon coming to end of his lifecycle, though in his case, "soon" mostlikely refers something between 2 to 200 years. He has found himself a meditation spot on Spiritgrove called Whispering Willow in Silver Shore Island. Thanks his meditation, he is slowly turning into a tree. He has already grown himself roots and has started sprouting leaves, still partly in his elven form. As residence of the Spiritgrove, he offers his wisdom and advice to those who seek it.

In the game, Faliel helped Elflings to start to look into the mystery of Patch's curse.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Faliel has started a transformation process, where he has rooted to the ground, his skin is turning into the bark and he is sprouting leaves and branches. It is currently unknown will his meditation process kill him, or transform him into another type of being.

Body Features

The Archdruid used to be unusually tall Wood Elf, though in current moment it is uncertain if could or should be called as such anymore. His skin is golden brown and partially covered in bark. His lower torso is now fully covered in brak and has wrapped roots around the smooth stone he was sitting on, and he barely needs any wood anymore, as his roots that hit the ground bring him most of his nutrition. He has lost a significant amount of weight, though. His arms are long and slender, starting to resemble branches, but are still very much arms and also functional.

Faliel has particularly striking forest green eyes, that have a look unlike the normal humanoids, possibly due to his long exposure to the Spiritgrove. His barked skin has started to sprout tiny branches, as has his hair. His bushy hair used to be lighter in color but had turned to antique green, sprouting willow leaves on its midst.

Despite his almost harrowing looks, Faliel's face and voice are gentle, presence warm and fatherly, and his remaining skin is still soft and warm. Once a person gets over the initial shock, Faliel is very pleasant and calming to be around.

Special abilities

Because of his significant magical power, Faliel's presence is slightly unpredictable. He might suddenly form a patch of flowers when he gets startled, and sometimes he picks up objects seemingly out of nowhere, sees things other people don't, and speaks to someone or even several people that no one else seems to see or hear. This is a testament to his changing form and connection to planes beyond the Prime Material. His body does age, but does it incredibly slowly.

Faliel counts as Circle of Land Druid with affliction to forests, and is only one from the currently recorded residence in Silver Shore Island with the access of spells like True Resurrection or Regenerate. He does not, however, cast those spells lightly. Faliel knows and can do amazing things, but the bigger feats might need some convincing and patience because of the state of his physical form.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It's very hard to tell exact birthday for an old druid, but Faliel is pretty convinced he was born in early spring in 1569. The year is pretty much an estimate, as the passing of time did not matter too much on Faliel's tribe, nor to Faliel himself, but from his descriptions, this seems like the most likely date.

Faliel was born in the Great Forest, also known as "Martacorm'hama", in Silver Shore Island, yet during his long life he has visited several places beyond the sea. Many of his life stories have turned into legends which are nowadays hard to decipher if any of them are true or not. What is sure he has vanished quite a few times to his trips, until about 20 years ago he got back home and decided it was time to move on.

Around 4028, Faliel arrived at Whispering Willow, found himself a cozy place to sit, and hasn't since budged from his place, but remained in deep meditation, only to wake up to chatter or eat before slipping to his thoughts again. Since he has started to root and is now unable to move from his spot at all.

Intellectual Characteristics

Faliel is wise, intelligent, and charismatic to the point of otherworldly but also absentminded, little hard to decipher, and not totally in this plane anymore. Faliel has long lost his track of time and some understanding of functions of the world around him, as his transformation is altering his perception of reality. He is very kind and empathetic, but some of his mortal sides are already gone, making him slightly alien to talk to.

Morality & Philosophy

Faliel believes in the balance, and is kind and respectful of different kinds of beings. He doesn't appreciate undead or other kids of unnatural beings but looks at them more with pity than distaste or anger. In his mind, all flowers have the right to bloom, and he avoids taking sides on several issues unless he sees them detrimental to life or harmony. He makes very little moral judgments, even if he himself wishes for a peaceful, and caring existence. He hopes that in the end, even the bad ones will see the light and the errors of their actions.

Chaotic Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Druid Elder
The Ancient
Year of Birth
1569 AoS 2478 Years old
Great Forest, also known as Martacorm'hama
Current Residence
Deep forest green
Antique green, starting to sprout leaves and twigs
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden brown, partially covered by bark
Before rooting, 184 cm (very tall)
Unknown and difficult to measure
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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