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Numen Hoop

Numen Hoop, ("west harbour", Elvish,) is a beautiful elven made city in Silver Shore Island. It was constructed from the orders of Emperor Alathar Thelirme the Fair, during the reign of Empire of Islenor. For this reason, the design of the city stands very unique compared to other cities of the area, that were build more of a human and dwarf architecture in mind.

Now, after the Silver Shore Island has come under the jurisdiction of Aradace Tharur, Numen Hoop is searching its new identity and place among other cities of the Island.


Like the name suggest, the harbour of the city has been considered the most important district that the city provides, though in these days, that meaning has diminished to certain extent. Once the trade to Empire of Islenorwas booming and the harbours were in constant use - but now the trade has become more limited, and as such, flux of people and things have settled down from what it used to be. As moving around the Silver Shore Island is tricky, harbour now mostly hosts Fishing vessels or small boats for people, that are agile enough to move in the treacherous waters.

Work in progress


Numen Hoop was originally rushed to exsistance by the Court of Emperor Alathar Thelirme. The Scar Coast had been troublesome for the Empire of Islenor since the chain of broken isles came to existence. This area is notorious hard to navigate by ships, making the southern coast of the empire lot less effective if not almost useless for trading purposes. However, as Silver Shore Island became under the Empire's jurisdiction, they now had a trail through the island and reef maze. However, at the time, West Coastline of Silver Shore Island was still sparsely inhabited.

From order the the Emperor, a path through the Scar Coast was secured and small fishing village was taken as the base for the brand new city, that would display the power of the Emipire in the Silver Shore soil.

Work in progress

Points of interest

Currently in some disrepair, Crystalline Towers, formerly a home tfor the local headquarters for the Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal, is one of the most regonized monuments of the city. The Towers are currently transforming into the home of Numen Hoop University, that has been established on top of what was left from the place of high learning and research center that came before it.

Very striking part of the city are the parks that come after the harbor. Once adorned - and some of them very much still there - of statues of islenorian artistry, are now accompanied with a large statue of dancing, nakes goddess Eilistraee, as reminder of the local drows and other individuals that were oppressed during Empire's rule and the freedom they gained as the Empire lost the rule of the Silver Shore Island.


Unlike most of the cities of Silver Shore Island that were built to be bulky and colorful with extremely tight area planning, Numen Hoop was designed by the Islenorian architests and city planners to better match the idea what the old rulers considered desirable from a city. Buildings are very elegant and often light in color, with lots of artistic flourishes to make everything seem tight together in charming manner. All the places of gathering have been made particularly extravagant, and spectacular.

"Ya know, if ya think it is pompous, go and see that little elf city [Numen Hoop] and come back. That whole city is more frill than worth."
— Dwarven worker from Stone Halls, when critiqued about his work

While the looks of the city have been heavily critisized in matters of practicality, Numen Hoop is still, for many, considered the most beautiful city in the Island.

Founding Date
16th of Decar, 3562 AoS
10 000 denizens
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