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Prime Material plane

Melyria, at least according to some scholars, stand in the center of rest of cosmology; like a spoke on a wheel which around everything else moves. True or not, this has made the scholars refer to the observable existence around them as "Prime Material plane".


  • Melyria (incomplete)

    The world of Melyria is formed by several continents and island chains, with many places to explore and new people to meet!

Dimensional plane

Articles under Prime Material plane

Age of Dawn

Creation and the early days of Melyria.

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  • Unknown
    Creation of The World

    The world was created by the gods.

    Additional timelines

Age of Prosperity

8605 TbS 0 TbS

As humanoids had risen to lead of the world, what has been called as Age of Prosperity started. It had its share of wars and mishaps, but it has been characterized as being of universal growth for all humanoid cultures.

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Age of Scars

0 TbS and beyond

As the world was shaken by the terrifying global catastrophe that ripped the world apart, what has been called as Age of Scars begun.


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