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Mother of Shadows

Shield of The Children

Mother of Shadows is a title used from Drow Matron of House Shadowblade, leader of Yanta Menothar. If matron has no kids to her name, she is refered as Mistress of Shadows instead, titles being some-what equallent. Mother of Shadows is considered as the counter part of Mother of Moonlight.

Title of Mother of Shadows is currently held by Shynt'vyrae Shadowblade.


The title of the Mother of Shadows is only used from the matron of the Shadowblade when titleholder has children and as such, counts as an actual mother. If the matron is childless, they are referred to as Mistress of Shadows instead.


Mothers of Shadows come from the mother-line of the House Shadowblade and is usually transferred to the eldest daughter of the last Mother of Shadows, transferring with the title of matron of the House Shadowblade. These rules have been more flexible with the Shadowblade-line than they have been with Moondancers.

As a military leader, the matron of the house is required to show significant talents as a warrior of some sort, and have a mind of a strategist. Matron of the house should be always in battle shape, but on a few occasions permanently injured Mother of Shadows has given their position as matron of the house forward while still holding on the title of Mother of Shadows and holding power over decisions in Yanta Menothar.

Child too weak to carry the mantle of a warrior, was it in physical or magical form, is never entitled to any positions of power inside the family. Also, children displaying the blessing of the family bloodline, black dragon scales, and powers of a sorcerer, are preferred over their siblings without them.

In history of the title, there have been two separate occasions of the title going to a son in the family. These men were called as Fathers of Shadows instead. These occasions happened because of the lack of female heirs on the bloodline. In both cases, they married a close female relative to make sure the mother-line would stay as intact as possible. These cases were both considered as scandals, and their achievements have been downplayed during the decade after.


Title stays on the same person until they die, step down or are removed from the position for bad health or incompetence. New Mother of Shadows is chosen among the eligible females of the mother-line, usually the oldest daughter of the last titleholder or one with the most impressive military merit. Other females of the family can challenge one another for the title to a battle of skill, strenght, popularity and wit to prove their capabilities as leaders.


The Mother of Shadows sees for the safety of The Children, serving people as their teacher and shield against the horrors of Underdark and the night above. They ensure that the next generation will know how to defend themselves and make sure that the residence of Mori'tarna can rest in ease.


The Mother of Shadows will take part in the activities and oversee actions and decisions of the Matron Council of Netehdrez. They are in charge of the military and safety of the residence of Mori'tarna and protection of Mother of Moonlight. Mother of Shadows is the ultimate authority over the Yanta Menothar.

The Role of the Great Mothers

The role of The Great Mothers is akin to one of a queen or king in a constitutional monarchy. While both of Great Mothers have their specific duties, there are duties they share. These duties consist of things like:

  • monitoring the matron councils on their respective cities
  • work as the ultimate authority in difficult conflict situations
  • protecting their people
  • hearing the people and their grievances

They are also capable of voting on issues, having more power votes than the rest of the Matron council. This power should be used with great responsibility, and matrons of the Council can outvote the Great Mothers on a given topic, yet it is very challenging. Most of the time, the position is more like one of the overseer, but when required, Great Mothers are capable of taking the role of a dictator.


Thanks to the favor of Moondancers, Mother of Shadows always has the ear of Mother of Moonlight and last word an all decisions made by Matron Council of Netehdrez. They not only have access to military prowess, but also a deeper wealth of politics.

While not prophet like their counterpart, Mother of Shadows is considered to work in divine authority. This makes others consider twice before crossing them in any matter.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Getting unable to do their duties, a lost challenge against a family member and incompetence are typical reasons for dismissal of Mother of Shadows. To stay in power, Mother of Shadows needs to keep the favor of the people on their side, as they are not as tied to the divine as Mother of Moonlight. Dismissal can happen by the hands of family members or from the request of Great Matron Council of Silver Shore.

If Mother od Shadows is doing their job well and shows no reason to be dismissed (or is too terrifying for anyone to tell her no), she might kep the title until her death.


First of the Mother of Moonlight was Vaslinithra Shadowblade, whose rise happened in such turbulent times that there are very few intact historical records from the past. Most agreed upon details have been gathered in myths about the rise of Moondancers & Shadowblades.

Cultural Significance

For The Children, Mother of Shadows represents Strength and will of the people, and the uncompromising devotion to protection of The Children and the prophet, Mother of Moonlight. Rest of the islanders of Silver Shore show them great respect, and all followers of Faith of Children of The Dancer see her as protector of the people.

Nobility, Hereditary
Equates to
Military leader, and monarch in a constitutional system
Source of Authority
Strenght, favor of Moondancers, Eilistraee
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Locations

Mantle of Motherhood

As a remnant from Llothian times, The Children have kept elements of the female supremacy in their culture. Prominency and severity of the effects of this belief vary through times and from person to person, but females, and most importantly, mothers carry the highest respects of their society. For The Children, one of the biggest reasons for this reverence is the ability of the females to give birth to children and bring life.

As such, the word "Mother" has a connotation of the most prestigious title, used in most formal cases and strictly from those who have reared children. Matron of a great house can be called Mother of the house, but if the matron is currently childless, word Mistress is used instead.


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