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Clerical Council of Netehdrez

Small Council

Clerical Council of Netehdrez makes sure that despite the militaristic nature of the city, the people of Netehdrez will have the voice of reason and heart in the right place. As the moral compass of their people, members of the council make sure that the Faith of Children of The Dancer is always respected and the spiritual side of the city doesn't get lost.


Clerical Council of Netehdrez is counted as one the Small Councils of the Matron Council of Netehdrez, it's members falling specifically under Great Houses of Netehdrez. All the decisions of the council are reviewed by the Mother of Shadows.

Structure of the Small Councils in Mori'tarna

As Matron Councils must deal with several topics, Matron Councils accept four Small Councils among the most prestigious Houses that influence the area. These small councils are devoted to matters of Clerical nature, Arcane, Commerce, and Military. Clerical Council is considered as the most prestigious one and Arcane Council as a close second. These councils can make minor decisions on their own and are responsible for drafting proposals and investigating matters for the rest of the Matron Council considering their specific topic of expertise. Twelve member families sit on each Small Council.

The same family can have a seat in multiple of these small councils, and even have a seat in both Netehdrez and Zaetron Derraz, but never in the same Small Council. It is not possible for the same family to have two seats in Arcane Council, for example, even if those seats are in different cities. I order to have a seat in a city; the house must have at least some of its members living and working in said city. Different metrics are used to count influence for each of the Small Councils, but among the drow of Mori'tarna, those families able to hold seats for extended periods are considered nobility. They have a very specific pedigree and wealth, and the seats can stay in the family for generations.

The member families are ranked by their influence, making the most powerful one the holder of the chairwoman title and most of the votes of their Small Council. Higher the ranking, more authority the family has on the decisions, making several smaller houses rally behind bigger ones to get their voices heard.

Public Agenda

In the past 500 years, the clerical council of Netehdrez has had a lot to tackle with refugees, medical care, and keeping the peace between the people of the city. Council is quite often conflicting itself, as the hard situations have required har decisions, and the emotions are still high.

Basic functions of the Clerical Council

Members of the Clerical Council are continually tackling the social issues of their area. Was it by teaching, healing, protecting, or by setting the moral limits; they work to bring harmony and unity among the drow of Mori'tarna. While mages of all kinds are highly appreciated among the The Children, nothing gets respect among them like a priestess or a paladin. Military Council might be the one raining down justice, yet it is the Clerical Council that decides what justice means and what it looks like.

Members of the Clerical Council tend to have generations of priestesses among them, and they have devoted their entire families to worship Eilistraee and serve her will. They train new acolytes, teach, preach and research the faith, while simultaneously trying to get more worldly benefits to bring further influence to their house.

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