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Eilistraee is an elven goddess of moonlight, swordwork, song, dance, and the hunt. Her beauty, free spirit and kindness made her the favorite child of her father, Corellon Larethian. Her mother is Lloth and she has a twin brother, Vhaeraun.

Known with many names, and misunderstood by many, Eilistraee is only purely good deity in Dark Seldarine. She is opposed to her mother Lloth, hoping to bring the Drow back to the surface, under the sky, and rid them from cruel and miserable exsistence in Underdark.

While the Dark Dancer is known as gentle, she is capable of being fierce and intimidating. Her skills with a sword are legendary, and her worshippers honor her with spoils of their hunt and dancing under the moon.

In the game, Eilistraee answered the prayers of Kerymis Donaevel and helped him to save a life of newborn Syrua Hydramark. Kerymis has since been called to the service of the Dark Dancer, possibly as the first high elven priest of Eilistraee in living memory.

Divine Domains

Eilistraee's domains are light, nature, life, beauty, dance, freedom, hunting, moonlight, song, and swordwork. She is considered a Drow god, and she considers Drow as her people. She does welcome all other races as well, and does not discriminate against any race.

Tenets of Faith

The dogma of Eilistraee speaks of unity, merriment, self-improving, and kindness towards all beings, without shying away from the battle when nessessary. It can be best summarized in 7 tenets:

  1. "Promote joy and happiness everywhere, was it with song, dance, jest or kind words."
  2. "Learn to hunt and prepare your game. Lear making and playing instruments, learn songs, dance, and pass it forward. Learn the art of the sword."
  3. "Defend those who are weak, share from your wealth to aid them. Wealth is for getting the tools you need to live and help others."
  4. "If you can't purchase or receive food, you should hunt it on your own. Feed yourself with your crops and game. Safe food for a rainy day or those in need."
  5. "Strangers should be met with compassion and curiosity. Offer them your kindness."
  6. "Repay rudeness with kindness, repay violence with swift violence. Promote harmony, protect others on evil. Burn the corpses of evil creatures as offerings."
  7. "Aid the drow back to the light, take them away from evil and bloodshed. Their rightful place is under the sky at night above."


Most holiest of celebrations for followers of Eilistraee is the full moon in middle of the summer, celebrated in several ways including celebration in Silver Shore Island known as Midsummer Moon. Full moon is considered sacret by the worshippers of Eilistraee.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

More than anything, Eilistraee wishes peace for her people and bringing them to the surface for a better life. She is concerned about the safety and unity of living things. She is quick to act when innocent are treathened.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Eilistraees beauty makes mortals gasp for air. Her grace is companied with strength and wild nature. She often appears unclad, only veiled by her hair, silvery radiance eminating from her.

Body Features

While Eilistraee may change her size at will, her avatar has most commonly appeared as 2.7 meters (9 feet) tall. She has a glossy, obsidian black skin and her white hair hits her ankles and has a silvery sheen. Her eyes are silver and she has very delicate features.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Nurturing nature and wild spirit have always been defining characteristics of Eilistraee. She is kind and often joyful, child-like, and sweet in one moment, motherly on next and seductive siren on another. Was she on the mode of being a carefree bringer of happiness or the maternal figure trying to warn others from dangers, one can be sure that Eilistraee's presence will make them feel at ease.

When defending those she sees in need of it, she is like a vicious tigress, defending her cubs. She also enjoys doing practical things to encourage her worshippers, being rather close to them and available for them.

Vices & Personality flaws

Like her twin brother Vhaeraun, Eilistraee has sometimes moody and wild temperament. Her fiery streak isn't as visible as it is with her brother, but when angered, she can be just as unpredictable.

Eilistraee is also prone to melancholy. When situations get complicated, she can also be indecisive and have a hard time to act. Her kindness keeps her going, but also works against her as her cage in delicate situations.


Family Ties

Eilistraee is the daughter of Lloth and Corellon Larethian, twin sister to Vhaeraun. She is her father's favorite, that has caused rifts between her and her hotheaded brother. She is against her mother's tyranny.




Towards Lloth




Towards Eilistraee




Towards Vhaeraun




Towards Eilistraee




Towards Corellon Larethian


Corellon Larethian


Towards Eilistraee



Twin brother

Towards Eilistraee



Twin sister

Towards Vhaeraun


Divine Classification
Goddess of Moonlight
Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dark Maiden
The Lady of the Dance
The Dark Dancer
The Dancing Goddess
Lady Silverhair
Silvery white, long enough to touch her ankles
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.7 meters, changing size at will

DnD details

Typical follower classes
Typical cleric subclasses
Typical paladin subclasses

About Divine Domains & Deity Alignments

By the classic rules of DnD, certain deities are connected to certain oaths, domains and alignments, and the paladins & clerics to said deity are suggested to have same or compatible features. However, when in Melyria, we tend to be a little more permissive.

Players, as well as NPCs, are able to have alignments and domains beyond the ones assigned to a certain deity, as long as there is an explanation to this that makes some sort of sense. Make an argument that sounds reasonable, and we ain't complaining in these parts!

For example, a deity with nature and life domains might bless their cleric with the Grave domain powers, if the cleric in question fights undead to prevent them from destroying life.

Credit where credit is due!

This article uses lore and other bits from DnD lore as the starting point. It uses sources from Forgotten Realms Wiki, Forgotten Realms Cormyr Wiki & Chosen of Eilistraee.

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