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Grand soul

"Grand soul" is a vague classification term used for beings with particularly prominent powers that go beyond human comprehension. These creatures often come from other planes than the prime material and have ways to connect beyond their own plane of existence.

All these creatures are strong enough to have possible worshippers or form warlock pacts, if not even have their own clerics and paladins. It is good to note, however, that not all these creatures have or have the need to have followers of any kind. Another good thing to note is that while all grand souls are immortal, that doesn't necessarily mean they would be "unkillable" (though most of them go close to that) and that being immortal doesn't automatically make someone as grand soul.


Status as a grand soul can be either acquired or something someone is born into, but former is far more usual than the later. Or at least it has been after the early years of the multiverse. Specifics of how exactly this happens depends on the type of the grand soul, but it usually involves the creature collecting enough power to oneself so that their soul, was it pure, alien or tainted, has become so potent that the creature ascends over the mere masses. Achieving immortality is often the first step for the mortal creatures to achieve this goal, yet the process is often far more complex than just that.   Sometimes another grand soul might elevate one of their followers to such position. Sometimes person drains power from the existing grand soul and destroys it, taking its place. There is no one way to ascent - and most souls just won't have what it takes to become grand.

Hosts & Carriers

Having a grand soul is pretty much given to creatures like deities, primordials, archfey, demon princes, Archdevils, particularly powerful celestials, etc.
Extremely Rare


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