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Ring of Brothers

The Ring of Brothers is mostly spoken about with whispers. This weird group of misfits has a very different reputation depending on whom you ask about them in the Silver Shore Island. Most of them hide their affiliations, yet sometimes you find a bold one to show signs of their alliances.   In depths of Mori'tarna the Great Matron Council find them traitors, poisoned by heresy and threat to society, and will do anything to prove that. In secret some of the drow believe in their sentiment, considering their existence a needed to shake the status quo. Among the surface folk, some find them quite mundane, just a bunch of people with their own political and religious agenda, where others connect them to crime and betrayal.   The Ring of Brothers is a loosely connected circle of worshippers of Vhaeraun, the Masked Lord of Shadows, and the people sympathetic to their cause.


What separates the Ring of Brothers from most of its kind is the looseness of its structure. It has no known leaders in current time, but it works as a network of people that know one another and share a specific type of outlook on life. As such, no one truly knows every member of the Ring or how many are part of it. Members might make their own communities, some even quite sizable, while some work alone.   One becomes a member by getting a favor from an existing member. Usually, this is some kind of a mark that they are deemed worthy of the member's respect, and they would vouch for them. The most common one in current use is in the shape of a lucky charm, which is easy to put on bracelets that are very popular this time.

Public Agenda

The Ring often puts itself at odds with the Great Matron Council of Silver Shore, but as a whole isn't against worship of Eilistraee, most dominant drow deity in the Silver Shore island. Some members do, but most would be indifferent or for the goddess, who also is the twin sister of Vhaeraun. Many of the members prefer worshiping both of the twin gods. What group is against is the matronal status quo of the drow society, looking for equality of the sexes, equal opportunity, and freedom from oppression.   It is also good to know that Vhaeraun is known as rebellious, the god of thieves, shadows, arrogance, assassins, and trickery, which makes it quite clear to see who several people have a problem with the god in question.   While others are more drawn to Vhaeraun as a rebellious spirit, others indeed do more questionable acts in his name. Despite of their different approaches on it, most members of the Ring consider Vhaeraun like "Ying" to Eilistraee's "Yang", a necessity to keep drow kind in balance. They have a deep hatred of Lloth, which they share with the followers of EIlistraee.


The most distinct feature of the ring is their vast network of eyes, ears, and helping hands. Any member of the Ring can ask any other member a favor, which if the person agrees to, they will grant for compensation with no questions asked. They might also decide to put the request forward, and ask another contact of them if they would be willing to help - and through that, the request can go to across to Island, without the actual granter of favor knowing whom they are doing the favor for.   These favors can go from very mundane ones to more shady and questionable ones, but never is any questions asked. Things, information, sometimes even murders are possible to obtain if you have the right contacts to agree to sent the message forward. Each favor is paid for in another favor, information, money, or things.


It is essential to remember that the Masked Lord is not quite like many other gods. He is not and has never been interested in zealots, martyrs, or mindless followers. This attitude shows in the way that the Ring of Brother's functions. Vhaeraun is not concerned about who is helping him, but only achieving his goals. The Brothers don't shun anyone among their ranks as long as they do not actively harm the Ring and Vhaeraun's work. You do not need to be a believer to join or matter, as long as you are useful as an ally you will do.   Those in the Ring do not coddle you or expect you always to help them, but there is a strong consensus on no one ratting each other out. Those in the ring are often inclined to help and support one another. Members of the Ring will always function personal gain in mind, and that is not considered a bad thing. Vhaeraun appreciates that his worshippers stay alive and prosper as much as possible, and expects them to work in their interest. For the sake of their plans, however, it's considered uncool to hurt one's Brothers and Sisters.   While dying for the greater cause isn't a bad thing, it is often seen as unnecessary, and sometimes even shameful, if it looks like the "easy way out." Vhaeraun is a god marked by rebellion, after all, so sheepishly giving in to one's fate without a second thought isn't the style of the Brothers either.   It is good to remember that the Ring is called "Ring of Brothers" for a reason. As the harsh and competitive environment it can be, there is a sense of kinship and family among the Brothers. As much as they sometimes push one another, the Brothers try to feed one another's ambitions and believe their potential to greatness, but in a smart way like any good follower of Vhaeraun should.

"Eilistraee neitar zho'amine;
Vhaeraun neitar evagnae."
"Eilistraee never forgets;
Vhaeraun never forgives."

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