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Mother of Moonlight

The Chosen Prophet of Eilistraee

Mother of Moonlight is title used from Drow Matron of house Moondancer, prophet of Eilistraee and spiritual leader of the Faith of Children of The Dancer. It is equalent to Mistress of Moonlight with few caviats, and counter part to Mother of Shadows.

Currently, heir of the title, Miazall Moondancer, is still childless, and as such, not yet ready to wear the title of the Mother.


The title of the Mother of Moonlight is only used from the chosen prophet when titleholder has children and as such, counts as an actual mother. If the prophet is childless, they are referred to as Mistress of Moonlight instead.


Every Mother of Moonlight has come from the mother-line of the House Moondancer and is usually the eldest daughter of the last Mother of Moonlight. The following rule is not exactly written on stone, but another female member might earn the title in their stead. Usually, the title has come with the appointment to the role of matron of the house, yet in certain instances, titles have been carried by different women. One such occasion would be when the Mother of Moonlight gets very old and needs some relief from her duties; they may give their matronal duties to their daughter.

As the authority of Mother of Moonlight comes from Eilistraee and they work as her word amongst The Children, strong connection to the goddess is required. Eilistraee will only bestow the full power for the ones that believe in her deeply, which can also cause the shift on whom of the family members can have the title. Family can only prepare their daughters for the role; in the end, only Eilistraee can truly choose the true Mother of Moonlight.

So far, the title has never been held by a man, though it is debated if it would be possible for the title to be held by a male. If such a state would occur, however, the titleholder would be addressed as Father of Moonlight instead.


After the death of the last Mother of Moonlight, one of the remaining family members will hear the call of the Dark Dancer and the powers of the prophet transfer to them. New Mother of Moonlight is officially titled after the funeral of the prophet before them.


The Mother of Moonlight is considered the spiritual leader and religious head of The Children. As such, they re expected to live and respect the Eilistraee's word and live a proper life fit for her messenger. The Mother of Moonlight will constantly maintain their relationship with their goddess and show her light and guidance to the common people.


The Mother of Moonlight will take part in the activities and oversee actions and decisions of the Matron Council of Zaetron Derraz. They guide the spiritual life and values of the people, delivering divinations and words of the Goddess to her people.

The Role of the Great Mothers

The role of The Great Mothers is akin to one of a queen or king in a constitutional monarchy. While both of Great Mothers have their specific duties, there are duties they share. These duties consist of things like:

  • monitoring the matron councils on their respective cities
  • work as the ultimate authority in difficult conflict situations
  • protecting their people
  • hearing the people and their grievances

They are also capable of voting on issues, having more power votes than the rest of the Matron council. This power should be used with great responsibility, and matrons of the Council can outvote the Great Mothers on a given topic, yet it is very challenging. Most of the time, the position is more like one of the overseer, but when required, Great Mothers are capable of taking the role of a dictator.


As chosen by the Eilistraee, Mother of Moonlight is granted by several powers like divination, powerful sorcery, and radiating presence, with the ability to get messages from goddess more or less directly.

Word of Mother of Moonlight is seen as formidable, though not always infallible due to possible mixed signals, everchanging nature of divination, and the possibility of poor judgment. Mother of Moonlight is a prophet, and as such, not a goddess but a messenger, and she isn't beyond criticism.

Despite this, Mother of Moonlight is seen as the ultimate authority and revered and loved by their people. They often receive gifts, protection, and respect that others can only dream. They are the center of all festivals, and their favor is regarded highly.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Mother of Moonlight must invest in their relationship with their goddess, Eilistraee the Dark Dancer. If they stray too far away from their Goddess' will, connection and powers granted by Eilistraee will start to get more unreliable and less potent. While it hasn't ever happened, it is speculated that if the connection would completely cut off the Mother of Moonlight would be dismissed.

So far, the only way Mother of Moonlight has ever left their position is through death.


First of the Mother of Moonlight was G'eldefryn Moondancer, whose rise happened in such turbulent times that there are very few intact historical records from the past. Most agreed upon details have been gathered in myths about the rise of Moondancers & Shadowblades.

Cultural Significance

For The Children, Mother of Moonlight represents heart and faith of their people, as well as connection to their goddess. As such, she is highly revered and loved by their people. Rest of the islanders of Silver Shore revere them, and all followers of Faith of Children of The Dancer see her as the religious leader.

Nobility, Hereditary
Equates to
Religious leader, and monarch in a constitutional system
Source of Authority
Eilistraee's blessing, gift of prophecy
Length of Term
First Holder
Related Locations

Mantle of Motherhood

As a remnant from Llothian times, The Children have kept elements of the female supremacy in their culture. Prominency and severity of the effects of this belief vary through times and from person to person, but females, and most importantly, mothers carry the highest respects of their society. For The Children, one of the biggest reasons for this reverence is the ability of the females to give birth to children and bring life.

As such, the word "Mother" has a connotation of the most prestigious title, used in most formal cases and strictly from those who have reared children. Matron of a great house can be called Mother of the house, but if the matron is currently childless, word Mistress is used instead.


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