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Military Council of Zaetron Derraz

Small Council

The Military Council of Zaetron Derraz isn't usually as busy as its Netehdrez counterpart, but this doesn't make it any less important. Zaetron Derraz is viewed as holy city by the locals, and its and the prophet's security are top priorities. Underdark is full of horrors, and effective military force is vital to keep the streets safe.


Military Council of Zaetron Derraz is counted as one the Small Councils of the Matron Council of Zaetron Derraz, it's members falling specifically under Great Houses of Zaetron Derraz. All the decisions of the council are reviewed by the Mother of Moonlight.

Structure of the Small Councils in Mori'tarna

As Matron Councils must deal with several topics, Matron Councils accept four Small Councils among the most prestigious Houses that influence the area. These small councils are devoted to matters of Clerical nature, Arcane, Commerce, and Military. Clerical Council is considered as the most prestigious one and Arcane Council as a close second. These councils can make minor decisions on their own and are responsible for drafting proposals and investigating matters for the rest of the Matron Council considering their specific topic of expertise. Twelve member families sit on each Small Council.

The same family can have a seat in multiple of these small councils, and even have a seat in both Netehdrez and Zaetron Derraz, but never in the same Small Council. It is not possible for the same family to have two seats in Arcane Council, for example, even if those seats are in different cities. I order to have a seat in a city; the house must have at least some of its members living and working in said city. Different metrics are used to count influence for each of the Small Councils, but among the drow of Mori'tarna, those families able to hold seats for extended periods are considered nobility. They have a very specific pedigree and wealth, and the seats can stay in the family for generations.

The member families are ranked by their influence, making the most powerful one the holder of the chairwoman title and most of the votes of their Small Council. Higher the ranking, more authority the family has on the decisions, making several smaller houses rally behind bigger ones to get their voices heard.

Public Agenda

Security of the Holy City is no small matter, as the guards of Zaetron Derraz are straight-up responsible for the safety of the living Prophet. During the cold war with Empire of Islenor exits towards the surface that didn't go through Netehdrez were crashed down to make invasion from surface impossible, but the idea of remaking those tunnels has been talked about as well as what that would mean for public security.

Basic functions of the Military Council

The ruthless nature of Underdark with the dark Llothian past of the drow have made the the Children consider order and and security very seriously. Military Council works as the board of the regional segment of Yanta Menothar and function as main law officials in smaller criminal cases were whole of the Matron Council is not required. Military Council makes assessments about public security, troops and their arms and other practical factors like methods, practices, and supplies.

Member families of the Military Councils have large presentation of the members of their house in Yanta Menothar with significant titles, together with large involvement to arm, train and otherwise upkeep that force. Because of the dangerous nature of involvement in the Yanta Menothar, Military Council tends to be more subjected to member changes than the other Small Councils.

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