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Great Houses of Zaetron Derraz


The Great houses of drow are the most powerful and prestigious families in Mori'tarna. These families hold either one or several seats in the Small Councils (Military, Arcane, Commerce and Clerical) in city of Zaetron Derraz, and have long traditions and fine pedigrees of an old family.

Typical to many other drow societies, the Great Houses are very concerned about their fine bloodlines, focusing on selective breeding to get most exceptional of offsprings, and most profitable of alliances. Thus those from lines worthy of being called Great Houses often pop from the crowd with their elegant features and most exquisite signs of wealth and power. Clad in finest spider silks and wearing well-crafted jewelry, these are the cream of the crop, boldest, strongest and beautiful drow in Mori'tarna.

In the holy city of Zaetron Derraz, the Great houses genuinely feel they are blessed - their underground city is beautiful and wealthy, safe from most of the troubles of surface, and disconnected from many of the problems of Underdark. But yes, this is still Underdark and to fit that enviroment, Zaetron Derraz is home of some of the most powerful clerics and mages of Mori'tarna and capable warriors - was it field of battle or in a meeting room with trade agreements.

After the assassination of Mother of Moonlight Nathafayna Moondancer, Zaetron Derraz is once again moving towards the state of seclution, and this doesn't really make any one happy. Matron Council of Zaetron Derraz has to ponder, which is more important; freedom they wish to have or security of the young prophet, Mistress of Moonlight Miazall Moondancer.


Most higher up in the hierarchy there are Moondancer family, with Mother of Moonlight. After Moondancers come the most prestigious families in the region, which are also part of the smaller councils of Zaetron Derraz.

The standing of each house is tied to multiple factors, the biggest of them being their influence in the area. Since different houses influence different fields, it is hard to compare them to one another in a completely satisfying manner to pinpoint the exact pecking order.


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