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Zaetron Derraz

The Holy City of The Children

In the depths of Mori'tarna lies a gem of a place so magnificent, that it blinds the eyes of the careless. In the middle of the great cavern, it rises under an illusionary night sky and a moon that imitates the phases of the moon on the surface.

Below the illusory moon stands the city made of dark, beautiful stone, with the streets buzzing with beautiful drow elves dressing in fine, translucent silk. Exotic music echoes through the streets that smell like spice. Great market places, giant lizards carrying expensive houdahs, jewels lining the windows of the most beautiful palaces. Dancing lights floating in the air, dimly lighting the space, imitating stars.

And in the middle of the city lays a lake, and through the lake crosses the Crystal bridge, sparkling and magnificent, going on kilometres. On the middle of the lake, stands the Kyorlin Ssussun, home of the prophet of Eilistraee, Mother of Moonlight. It shines like a gorgeous opal, like a monument of the goddess' blessings.

This is the Zaetron Derraz, the Holy City.


Not surprisingly majority of the inhabitance of the city are Drow, though city has gained a significant sized minority of tieflings. Meeting deep gnome and dwarf traders in Zaetron Derraz isn't unusual either.

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Highest authority in the city is shared by the Mother of Moonlight and Matron Council of Zaetron Derraz. While the council arranges the big part of the everyday functioning of the governing variety, most important decisions are reviewed by Mother of Moonlight herself and her court.

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Industry & Trade

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Guilds and Factions

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Alternative Name(s)
The Holy City
48 000 denizens (second biggest city in Silver Shore Island)
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