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Valdor Bloodworth

Valdor is a soldier in Yanta Menohtar, one of the many protectors of The Children of The Dancer.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Short and slim, but very agile and trained.

Body Features

Lacking nutrition as a child left Valdor’s body quite petite. He is not abnormally small, but on the smaller scale when it comes to the Drow men. Yanta training has given him the required muscles to do an acrobatic backflip off a roof, but he’s not the one doing the heavy lifting.

Identifying Characteristics

Thinner, sharp ears than most have. Nothing abnormal, though and it doesn’t stand out that much. Two small piercings on left ear, one on right. Unevenly cut hair, kept with practicality, not for the looks (i.e. tied back, he cuts it himself with a dagger if needed, so it looks a little unkempt).

Physical quirks

Soldier’s posture, ambidextrous.

Special abilities

Only dancing lights ._. He’s no special boy.

Apparel & Accessories

Valdor dresses himself very humbly, still more like a commoner than someone from a more prestigious family. When he’s working he of course wears the normal medium yanta armor, but when he’s not, he usually has just ordinary tunic and trousers, belt around his waist. He always has at least one of his daggers with, usually on the belt or hidden in a boot.   He doesn’t usually wear any jewelry, mainly because he doesn’t have many but he also doesn’t want to lose them and prefers to put them away for safekeeping instead. Also jewelry can be in the way when he’s working.   He wears what mother (or sister) gets for him, as long as they fit, are clean and untattered. He is more at home in muted colors, though.(Maybe because brighter colored clothing tends to be more expensive)   He does carry a dragon’s talon he found when he was a kid with him as a good luck charm.

Specialized Equipment

  • He can pick locks. Yay. So thieves’ tools.
  • Studded leather armor (work equipment)
  • His pretty new shadowglass daggers
  • His rapier (work equipment)
  • Hand crossbow

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Valdor was born 8.6.3928 in Zaetron Derraz.   The Streets of Zaetron Derraz brought Valdor up when he was little and kept him safe when his mother was doing whatever women do. When his mother got pregnant and gave birth to his sister, Valdor was givent ot as watch after the baby, which he did very dutifully. To Valdor’s surprise he got admitted to Yanta Menothar and thus his life as a soldier had begun. He quickly found out he actually liked it there, even when the war was raging, and he saw some of his acquaintances for the last time. He had found the meaning for his life; to keep the twin cities safe and protect their inhabitants, like the Dark Dancer ( Eilistraee ) commanded.

Gender Identity

Valdor understands his role as a male and unlike some others, he doesn’t rebel against the norms and feels confident in the lot he was given.


Valdor is shy when it comes to the drow girls, but pretty tiefling ladies bring out another side in him; the more charismatic and confident one. Boys are an uncharted territory for him.


Valdor has received mainly physical education. He learned to read well in his 20’s after his sister was born and has not received any kind of basic or higher education.   Very basic weapon training before joining the army, after that Yanta Menothar took care of his training.


Valdor used to do odd jobs here and there to support his family, mainly on the grey side of the life, if not necessarily illegal. Mainly small thefts, robberies, smuggling, delivering messages and items for more important people and pickpocketing (especially when he was younger).   After Valdor got into Yanta Menothar he’s been clean of all ill business (,avoiding his previous life like plague,) and cherishes his job as a soldier.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Being accepted into Yanta
  • Got a small award for his service during the war. He is very proud of it.
  • Has completed the ‘Land Above’ training. Valdor thinks it is a good merit to have, although he didn’t have anything to do with his positioning back then.
  • Did bring up his sister mostly by himself. Is secretly proud of her.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Fumbles with the etiquette of the nobleborns, but tries his best. It’s just not always enough.
  • Part of him feels bad for how the last time was when he saw his old friends just before joining Yanta Menothar. He’d love to explain things to them, but during the years it has been starting to slip off his mind more and more.

Mental Trauma

  • Due to his rough start in life, part of him likes to hide food and other valuables for safekeeping, ‘Just in Case’. He gets stressed out, if he doesn’t have a back up, be it a stash of coins or handful of fried and saltied maggots.
  • Frets the possibility of things going awry because of his dirty little secret.

Intellectual Characteristics

Easygoing, calm, observing, humble, perceptive, adaptable.

Morality & Philosophy

“Make friends, not enemies”, “You reap what you sow”


Blasphemous talk or actions

Personality Characteristics


Feeling of Duty (giving his vow in Yanta Menothar, his duty as the sole male in the family, his companionship with his workmates)

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at stealthy things, shooting and throwing stuff, stabbing and lying. Has been able to walk the thin line of being good at what he does, but not too good to anger someone else.   Bad at social situations needing higher knack of etiquette. Can’t lift anything to save his life.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: few pints with friends, pretty Tiefling ladies, his work, food, his family and friends, big blankets, warm baths, soft beds, tasty food (=simple pleasures of life)   Dislikes: people who don’t how to behave, people who bully others just for the sake of it, being embarrassed, uncertainty

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Tries always his best
  • Modest

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Sometimes overly cautious
  • Can sometimes appear too submissive and be easy to control (especially when he tries to avoid confrontation)
  • Sometimes too modest…

Personality Quirks

  • Stashes food into his pockets, and some other valuables into different hiding places around the house.
  • Has a bigger appetite than you would think for a guy of his size.
  • Can easily sleep basically anywhere


Takes very good care of his hygiene but is more accustomed to splash cold water on his face on mornings than getting a full long bath every day.


Contacts & Relations

His Squad

  • T’rissala Fallenforge
  • Athrak Steelchaser
  • Shardriin’dyn Moonbend
  • Velar Glowcreek
  • Jargloth Sicklehand
  • Zarolin Razorfang

Criminal Contact

  • ‘Mama’ Dhauntree Sanguine


  • Bogla Warmheart

Old friends (Valdor hasn’t seen them in ages)

  • Chaos
  • Ponder
  • Filnar
  • Dax (Leader of the group)

Family Ties

Mother: Saba’inil

Little sister: Ereliara, “Liara”

Father: unknown

Religious Views

Eilistraee is important to Valdor in a way she is to most men in the army. It’s his duty to protect Her children, so anything that could be threat to Her and Her cities would alarm Valdor.


Valdor would rather observe than be actively in charge, withdrawing and blending to the background if he’s allowed to. He is calm, caring of his friends, but he knows when to bow his head, and can do that without any difficulties if needed, as he is not too proud. He tries to avoid confrontation, but if the situation allows, is not afraid to speak up his mind. At times he can be a bit too straightforward and clumsy with his words, especially if comparing to the noble men. The Street and then the Army brought Valdor up, so he acts like it. Yet he is overly conscious of this fault which makes things usually just worse.

Hobbies & Pets

  • Occasionally plays a tin whistle he brought back from the surface as a souvenir when the war ended.
  • Hanging out with the boys, if with drinks the better.
  • Likes to read, although he’s a bit slow at it.
  • Is actually quite good at sewing things, but nowadays he doesn’t do that anymore.


Meorise Goldenheart

Warlock Patron (Important)

Towards Valdor Bloodworth



Valdor Bloodworth

Warlock (Important)

Towards Meorise Goldenheart




On Friday 9th Jun in 4047, Valdor had his back against the wall as the strange fiendish creature approached him with an offer after Valdor had witnessed the same creature murder another person with its bare hands. Valdor heard a voice that promised to help him and on the bottom of an abandoned wardrobe, he found a magical white staff, that instructed him to hit it to the ground in front of the creature.

Entangle spell was cast from the staff, restraining the fiend while Valdor escaped, and when left alone with the staff, he was instructed to close his eyes, and with that, he mentally travelled to the pocket dimension of Meorise, starting the journey that would join them in a warlock pact.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both Valdor and Meorise care deeply of life and fate of the innocent, but more pragmatically than some. Both of them seem very happy to serve what they see as the greater good, but still remembering that dead people can't save anyone.

Or well, maybe Meorise can, but generally speaking.



Towards Valdor Bloodworth


Valdor Bloodworth


Towards Sincerity


Wealth & Financial state

Previously lower class commoner, now middle class, (mother) aiming higher. Mother handles his salary, so he only sees some part of it.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
3928 AoS 119 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
on kitchen table
Current Residence
White, unevenly cut. Shorter on the top, longer strands on the back and sides.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
medium gray, very faint dark blue/purple undertone
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Drow/Undercommon, Infernal and thieve's cant
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Short stories!

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