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Emperor Alathar Thelirme


Emperor Alathar Thelirme (a.k.a. The Fair)

Once they called him "the Boy King," like the Vasandor Ralonsalor II from the legends. Mere 76-year-old Alathar stepped to power after the tragic death of his father and murder of his older brothers in the hands of the vile drow. As 27th monarch of Empire of Islenor, and 14th Thelirme to hold the throne, Alathar had big shoes to fill. But as his time is getting near, those shoes have gotten even bigger for whoever is going to wear them after him.

Alathar has lived a long and influential life, but he is getting weaker every day. His magic has kept him around so long, longer than it should have, and no one knows what is to happen to the Empire of Islenor once he continues on to the west.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Now as emperor Alathar has become old, his body has become frail and he suffers from memory shroud. Alathar won't live much longer anymore, but for now, he is still on his throne.

Body Features

As handsome as Alathar was in his younger days, his abnormally old age has made him no favors. His skin has turned paper-thin and almost see-through, exposing his purple veins. His body has withered significantly, making him gaunt and bony. His long, elegant fingers have their skin uncomfortably tight.

Facial Features

Golden hair of Alathar has turned thin, and it reaches beyond his knees. His cheeks are hollow, and his bright blue eyes are foggy.

Physical quirks

Despite his withered looks, Alathar is still a formidable mage, and arcane presence he oozes is crushing to anyone who can sense it. If upset, the old emperor starts to emit Icy breeze around him involuntarily.

Special abilities

Alathar is a very talented wizard and could have potentially become Archmage in his time, if not ended up to rule the Empire. He has unique talents in the School of Enchantment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alathar was born at the start of February in 3225, as 3rd son of emperor Farynis Thelirme. He was not meant to become the ruler, yet fate had other plans for him.

Early life
Alathar was described as a bright young man, who was adored by his mother, empress Darshee, who was most pleasantly surprised to be blessed with a third child. Despite being much younger than his older brothers Rennyn and Elydir, Alathar was often found spending time with them.   He went to train in military traditions as expected in his family, and he would be trained by his uncle Elnaril. However, as Alathar started to show particular talented in enchantments, Alathar was allowed to return home and begin his studies in Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal and Cerulean Tower.   During his studies, Alathar would repeatedly do favors in the capital for his father and brothers as he was required to travel less than them. It was common knowledge Farynis wished Alathar to one day be his brother's advisor on matters of scholarly and arcane nature. His natural talent in magic made court whisper if Alathar would once take the position of the Archmage.   Alathar was charming, intelligent, and calmer and collected than his brothers. He has been even described to be a bit of a heartbreaker at his time, though he was mostly seen as well-meaning. In the year 3292, after first years of marriage, Alathar's older brother Rennyn became a father: however, his tiny daughter Ayla ended up as a victim of cruel epidemy that was moving in the area, and stay sickly and weak for her whole life. Ayla was a bright and sweet young princess, and Alathar would often spend time with his niece, reading to her and taking her out to see theater shows and carnivals when her strength would allow such. Alathar would keep up with his studies, but soon enough, the world would turn on its head.
Somber rise to power
Year 3302 would become the year of great tragedy for the Thelirme dynasty. In the spring months, an old battle wound of Farynis Thelirme would start acting up, and Farynis would drop from the back of his startled horse and break his skull. This sudden tragedy caused a lot of speculation, but one thing was clear: Emperor was dead, and Rennyn was to succeed him.   Rennyn was crowned as Emperor of Islenor, Rennyn the III, in 5th of May, 3302. As it was tradition, he would ready himself for a hunt on the western border, so he could soak his blade to the enemy's blood to prove his capability as protector of the realm. On this journey, he took Elydir to his side and left towards the West. But on the 12th of Sep, the drow had gotten the intel of the troops which Rennyn was leading, and on the cover of night, they came and butchered the new emperor, his brother, and most of their men.   As news reached the Tel'Taurn Tal Council was called to court, to decide on the heir. As Alathar hadn't turned 100 yet and as such wasn't considered an adult on elven standards, Farynis' younger brother, Elnaril, was also considered. Elnaril, however, did not wish to take the throne from young Alathar, and at the age of 76, Alathar was crowned as the emperor on 17th Nov, 3302. Elnaril would remain as one of his advisors, as would his mother.   Alathar's rule would start with great difficulty, but the young Emperor was doing his best to do his duties. There was a significant collapse on his mental well-being just 12 years after his crowning. After fighting off illness all her life, princess Ayla passed on in 3314, mere 22 years old. Alathar would collapse in deep depression and vanish to his chambers for weeks on end. His loss would eventually release him from its icy grasp, but it is said that Alathar was never the same again.
to be continued


Family Ties


Prince Elydir Thelirme

Older Brother

Towards Emperor Alathar Thelirme


Emperor Alathar Thelirme

Younger Brother

Towards Prince Elydir Thelirme


Duke Elnaril Thelirme

Uncle, advisor, mentor

Towards Emperor Alathar Thelirme


Emperor Alathar Thelirme

Nephew, king, student

Towards Duke Elnaril Thelirme


Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Emperor of Islenor,
the Boy King (formerly)
the Fair,
the Brave,
The Silent Wrath,
The Wizard king,
The Great Emperor,
The Old,
Protector of the Realm
Date of Birth
3rd of Feb
Year of Birth
3225 AoS 822 Years old
Prince Elydir Thelirme (Older Brother)
Current Residence
Bright blue, getting dimmer because of his age
Long enough to hit his knee caps, golden
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Porcelain, pale, thin
187 cm (tall)
51.4 kg (frail)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Founded Settlements
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