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War of Scale and Arrow


War of Scale and Arrow was a conflict between high elves of Islenor and Dragonborn of Aradace Tharur, which ended for a win for the tharurian dragonborn.

The war was unique in many ways, changing the power dynamics in the continent of Umeros, becoming a great blow for both of the parties - and during the year 4047 AoS, the aftermath is still ongoing.

The Conflict


War of Scale and Arrow was an inevitable escalation of the infected relations between the Aradace Tharur and Empire according to several sources. Tharurian and Islenorian cultures have never been particularly compatible, making the conflict more matter of time than just a possibility.

Nations had quarreled on trade, land, principles, and other factors for years. The incident considered as the trigger for the war was the disagreement about how to deal with raiding clans.

"Those blasted lizards stole our food, pillages our villages, and left the land barren. They would drive the merchants away, and scare our young with their roars and savage beasts, and dared to speak of honor when spoken of it."
— Record of Islenorian civilian

Problems begun as some more nomadic clans started to raid Islenorian villages near the borderlands of Islenor and Dragon Lands, as well as attacking travelling traders. Problem was brought to attention of Emperor Alathar Thelirme the Fair, who would send a rather snappy request to Overlord Vargoth Ardiroth who he had already previously has arguments with.

Overlord Vargoth was equally conserned of the raiding parties, who were already causing trouble on home soil. However, at this point the culture clash started to rear it's ugly head.

Problem was two fold: Tharurian people believe in rights and responsibility of indivduals to a point that made them very ineffective against the raiding clans. Meanwhile, the Empire of Islenor was just as ineffective, though on their part it was more about impatience and indifference, that simply left them complaining and adding more troops on the border while being completely oblivious that the dragonborn were even trying.

This would, eventually, cause the Overlord Vargoth send his regards to the Emperor Alathar in rather aggravated manner:

"If you knife-ears think you can do it better, then fix your own bloody mess and stop whining. Come on, hunt them of, if you please. Why are you moaning me about it when you can't keep your own lands safe?"

— Overlord Vargoth

Emperor Alathar, rather known from his temper, diodn't take this particularly well, but called for a draft.

Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2nd of Sep, 4019 AoS
Ending Date
24th of Jun, 4026 AoS
Conflict Result
Dragonborn won the conflict.

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