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United Councils of Silver Shore


Outside world might be tempted to think people of Silver Shore as a monolith, the reality is far more complex. Those living in Silver Shore indeed consider themselves as a group, but they can be divided at least 4-5 distinct culture groups (depending on perspective) and there are several different groups of power affecting the island, including several law systems that roughly align to one another to a certain point.

While the different groups are now more united under Governor of Silver Shores, there is still a considerable amount of complexity involved that luckily, doesn't trouble that many travelers as long as they know to keep their eyes open and consider their actions.

While not all the groups that live in the island - like Ravenward of Ravenvein - want to interact with one another, most of them are ready to work as united council when needed and want to keep friendly relations to their neighbors. But it is good to note that depending on where you go, rules and laws can change drastically inside this small island.


The Silver Shore Island is governed by independent "city states", each with their own Council and ruling manner, so some of them are more a like than the others. These councils are then more or less controlled by Governor of Silver Shores, who is chosen representative of Aradace Tharur and leader of the military force.

Foreign Relations

Silver Shore currently functions as Semi-autonomous entity under Aradace Tharur, which has chosen representative Governor to see over the matters in the Island.


  • Silver Shore Island

    Largest island of Scar Coast and a lively trading hub, Silver Shore Island is the place to be. Who knows what adventures lie within?

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