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Academy of Magi - Main building


The main building of Academy of Magi is a curious one; it is currently possible only building that owns itself and lands it stands on. It fits in the most curious secrets and artifact, knowledge and the Mysterious Vaults beneath it!

Building itself is a recognizable part of the Moon Terrace's architecture.

Purpose / Function

In this architectural masterpiece, Silver Shore Academy of Magi is housed and operated in, at least in the most part. Space works as a school, research center, and a safe place for safekeeping some interesting arcane mysteries.

Aspiring mages come far and wide to study in the Academy. It is specially designed to be less vulnerable for any magical mishaps which inevitably are going to happen.


The main building doesn't really house more than 2 permanent denizens currently, The Archmage Gnut Weaseltail and Professor Rethi Dreamseer, as the building is mainly a studying space.


The building is 4-story high above the ground and has at least 2 reported layers below the ground. The structure above has one tall tower and two 2-floor side buildings connected to it. On the side of the tower, there is a large clock.


  • Academy Of Magi - Main Building
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