Rethi Dreamseer

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Professor Rethi Kazaf (a.k.a. Dreamseer)

Rethi Dreamseer is the only teacher in Silver Shore Academy of Magi who comes with a health disclaimer. No, not the classes... they(?) arrange, but they(???) themself. It's not unusual for Tiefling students feel sick around them, and even other people occationally experience strange symptoms in their presence.

As the current Professor of Divination in such well-known school, one might think there would be lot of information available about Rethi, but instead there isn't. People don't seem to even agree on their gender. They walk around their eyes covered, still completely aware of their surroundings, seeing glimpses to the future, rarely leaving the academy premises.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rethi is rather tall, appears as human, very androgynous. They are pleasing to the eye and have a calming aura. By simply looking at them, it is hard to tell their actual age, making people guess anything between 20 to 40 years old.

Body Features

Considering their human-like looks, the contrast between Rethi's chestnut brown skin and white hair is quite striking. They do not appear like they would be any gender, which has caused several bets in the campus area. They are tall and rather attractive, but never show their eyes to others, but prefer to hide them under a piece of fabric.

Rethi's form is rather slim and elegant. Their face is long and has features fit for a statue.

Special abilities

Unlike most wizards, Rethi shows great gifts in the art of healing, besides their gifts of divination.

Apparel & Accessories

Mostly, Rethi only wears clothing that covers most of their skin. they have a piece of fabric tied around their had all times, covering their eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Most people know very little of Rethi; after War of Scale and Arrow they appeared at the stairs of Academy of Magi. It is whispered they were exiled for Sultanate of Jubar, and came to Silver Shore Island looking for safety.

Gender Identity

Most call Rethi just Rethi, avoiding pronouns. Also "they" and "it" are used. Rethi doesn't seem to pay any mind to what you choose to call them.


Appears asexual


Rethi currently works as professor of Divination in Silver Shore Academy of Magi.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Soft voice, Avoids going out too much.


Religious Views

Lawful Good
Date of Birth
13th of Jun
Year of Birth
3987 AoS 60 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Usually covered by cloth
Snow white, hits shoulders
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Chestnut brown
69 kg (slim)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Celestial, Elvish, Dwarvish, Gnomish

Character Portrait image: Rethi Dreamseer by Portrait Workshop (beta)
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