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Class: Wizard

Character class / classification


Wizards are the master casters of the world, with the most impressive arsenal of knowledge, spells, and talent to share. Wizards are intelligent, book-learned or at least determined, and form the bulk of arcane casters in Melyria.



In theory, anyone can start to study arcane and become a wizard. In reality, though, not everyone has smarts required to understand the arcane principles or patience to practice them. Wizardry requires rigorous study, and thus, many who practice requires teachers and mentors, or at least a clever mind and expansive library of the subject.

Fancy schools aren't always required to become a wizard; there might be creative ways to pay for paper and ink as well as finding a teacher in unlikely places. Still, wizardry is rare in places where education is low, and culture is primitive.


Social Status

After clerics, wizards are most sought after and universally respected of the caster classes, though how much so depends on the culture wizard works in.


Elves tend to be most interested on wizardry, druidic wood elves as exception to the rule. High elves are most typical practitioners, to a point that in certain areas they have "too many" wizards around. Gnomes are also known to take particular interest on wizardry as well as some of the human cultures.

While it is highly unlikely to meet goliath, tabaxi or orc wizard, dwarf wizards are almost more rare. This is because of quality in dwarf blood that makes them very resistant to handle magical materials and thus good to mine and craft with them, but it simultaneously makes it very hard for them to channel magical energy in normal circumstances without channeling it through deity or other being like clerics.

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