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Silver Shore Academy of Magi

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No arcane place of study has a quite as colourful reputation as the famous - and occasionally infamous - Silver Shore Academy of Magi. After being over 500 years under the supervision of Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal, after the War of Scale and Arrow, the academy has gone back to its roots as a place that teaches and researches arcane arts with very little oversight by outsiders and limitations of nature of the study as long as the magic is not overtly hurt and exploit commonfolk. Such open policy has been a concern for several entities, but for now, the academy has managed to keep a resemblance of order inside of its walls.

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Organisation is lead by Archmage, who's is supported by Keeper of Keys that works as vice principal of the school, and Keeper of Secrets that looks after the resources and Vaults of the Academy. They are supported by the Head Advisor.

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Academia of Magi was founded in year 476 AoS, and the oldest parts of the Academia building were found on the very same time as Moon Terrace itself was first build. It was started by Yodira Pyrocrystal, Kelfir Windwhisper and Ant'gloth Frozenheart.

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  • Academy Of Magi - Main Building
Crest of Academy of Magi (simplified) by Tiirikka

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