Firestone & firehearts

Firestone is one of the most flexible and interesting minerals that work as arcane conduit. While most of the firestone is used for jewelry and lesser magical items, more dense parts of the stone known as Firehearts are one of the hardest and magical minerals known in Melyria.


Material Characteristics

The Firestone is a semi-translucent mineral that reminds of thick, colored glass you can't quite see-through. It is usually in shades of red, orange or warm yellow, often with colors changing as clean gradient. Raw, unprocessed firestone produces faint light similar color to the mineral itself and sulfurous-like smell. Stone is slightly heavier than it initially appears, but not too much.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Firestones tend to never feel cold, but either body temperature or up, depending on the stone and its surroundings. However, the stone will not usually burn unless heated in one way or another. Mineral naturally glows magical light, and as such, it is particularly good to store spells connected to light.   While whole firestone is good as a magical conduit, it is the denser parts of the mineral known as Firehearts that are most wanted and powerful parts of the firestone vein. These parts of the vein usually vary between the size of a grown man's head to a bit bigger than a fist, rarely appearing smaller than an eyeball.   Firehearts are incredibly strong and as such, hard to shape, so they are often left with some regular Firestone around it which can be carved to more aesthetically pleasing shapes.

Geology & Geography

Firestone is most plentiful in volcanic areas (like Scorched Mountains) and under mountainous areas. Veins often appear little before depths of Underdark, though veins closer to surface are not unheard off.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Firestone is used for creating magical focuses, and some impressive glowing jewelry.   Firehearts are used to make magical artifacts though because of the hard nature of the material, cannot be used for particularly small Items. they can also be used as power sources for constructs made to function with magical energies, but the mineral is known to be somewhat unstable to be used like that for extended periods of time.


Stone is usually cut before usage, and natural odor neutralized. with some of the applications, the glowing of the stone is removed of enchanted to be controllable by the owner of the final product.

Manufacturing & Products

Magical statues, staff heads, idols, foci, and other mage-used products are known to be made out of firestone. Also, firestone jewelry is very wanted in certain parts of the world.
when raw; kin to sulfur, after processing: odorless.
Red, orange & warm yellow
Common State
sizeable veins, sometimes miles long.
Related Locations


Author's Notes

This article was created as an entry for World Anvil's Summer Camp 2019 event. Sometimes it's easier to get things done when there is an event involved!   You can view all my entries to the event here, or check out Summer Camp 2019!

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