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The scarborn is a name used on usually dwarves and gnomes that live around Scar Deep Roads, under the earth's surface, even under the sea. It is very much a dwarven culture, but because of unique position of Stone Halls, main settlement of the area, and it's relation to those on the surface, scarborn are little different than their Dorulin and Lodite cousins. They have also shaped the other cultures of Silver Shore Island very significantly, and in return those cultures have shaped it.

In practice, Scarborn are spoken as part of the Islanders, even though they have many distinct cultural features of their own.

Naming Traditions

Family names


Stoneskull, Horrak, Helmor, Brumgrim, Steelaxe, Craghammer, Deepwarden

Rock Gnome

Boggleby, Piddic





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