Rings of Shadow Mask

While these days rare and hard to find, rings of Shadow Mask can sometimes be found tugged away from prying eyes. Once they were the symbol of Ring of Brothers, but these days they have stepped aside from other more easy to produce signs of brotherhood.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The rings vary in size and exterior design, but they share some significant similarities. Many of them depict the symbol of the moon on the surface outside, call back to accepted drow goddess Eilistraee. However, what makes the rings unique, is the carving inside; one resembling the mask-symbol of Vhaeraun. Sometimes the carving "Vhaeraun never forgives" fills the rest of the inner surface of the ring.   Carving of the mask is made so, that it leaves a natural depression on the wearer's finger. If the wearer moves the ring, the shape of the mask will show on their skin and quickly fades away. This mark on skin works as a sign to show other members of the Ring of Brothers that the wearer belongs amongst them.


Those following the god Vhaeraun have used these rings to to communicate secretly that they are part of the Ring of Brothers. This has been a vital protection method against those, who would ostracise the wearers from their beliefs.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Raw materials & Components
Materials and designs vary


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